Zombie Apocalypse: Real-life Zombie Attack in Miami Due to "Bath Salts"

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A real-life zombie attack recently happened in Miami wherein two naked men were found on a downtown highway ramp in Miami. One man was found chewing off another man's face and refused to stop even when ordered to do so by a police official. The police officer was left with no choice but to shoot the man who was eating the victim's face.

The cannibal attacker was identified as Rudy Eugene, a 31-year old man who was a former North Miami Beach High School football player. People who knew Eugene were surprised by this news report as he seems not to be the type to be a cannibal. Police officers believe that Eugene was under the influence of a drug called as "bath salts". 

Bath Salts

Bath salts are far from the ones used when taking a bath. This name is just a fake name and its effects are rather more profound. In fact, it is considered as an "emerging and dangerous" product. This type of drug also contains amphetamine-like chemicals such as ethylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), mephedrone, and pyrovalerone. The Drug Enforcement Administration consider this as "designer drug of the phehethylamine class" which belongs to the same category as other dangerous drugs like amphetamines, mescaline, and ephedrine. In the drug market, bath salts are sold as "cocaine substitutes" or "synthetic LSD". Last October 2011, bath salts and other ralted substance were labelled as schedule 1 of the Contolled Substances Act in which they were identified as having no legitimate use or safety in the U.S.

The Victim

The victim was identified as Ronald Poppo, a 65-year old homeless man. After the attacker was gunned down, Poppo was found to be still breathing and was rushed at the Jackson Memorial Hospital. His wounds are now being treated and he is still in critical condition. As for the damage to his face, the damage caused was quite serious and Sgt. Armando Aguilar, president of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police provided a detailed explanation of the damage. According to him, "he had his face eaten down to his goatee. The forehead was just bone. No nose, no mouth."

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