'Zelda' and 'Mario Maker' at E3 2014: Nintendo Sparks Twitter Thrill, Watch Wii U Gameplay Teaser Clips feat. Zelda, Mario [VIDEOS]

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The Nintendo Digital Event at E3 2014 thrilled many gaming enthusiasts Tuesday. Skipping a live press conference, the video game giant wowed fans with a pre-recorded video of what's-to-come: "Zelda" and "Mario Maker," among others. These two games are leading the Twitter trending topics in Australia.

Nintendo warmed up at the E3 with the next Super Smash Bros video game (Wii U, 3DS). Pokemon fans also got a sneak peek into Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire (3DS). However, Twitter is in a joyful frenzy over just two games: Zelda for Wii U and Mario Maker, also for Wii U.

A year ago, "The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds" excited 3DS gamers. Now a better, bigger, and more open world awaits Wii U players. This new Zelda game remains untitled, and game release is still several months away. Still, many Twitter folks are giddy with delight.

"Zelda for Wii U looks absolutely incredible. Almost unbelieveable," tweets @gendo7.

"Zelda is LITERALLY the perfect mix between old and new. They keep the same characters and add memorable new ones too," @MlKAZEAl points out.

"Breaking boundaries" is what Nintendo aims to accomplish with its latest Zelda game. Fans could hardly wait to experience the new challenge, with some tweeting that they have to borrow or buy a Wii U.

Also making waves is Mario Maker, which Nintendo is also releasing to Wii U players. Watch its teaser video below. "Create your own custom Mario courses," the game tag says.

Both Mario Maker and Zelda are trending on Twitter. The cyber applause is more for Zelda, but gamers see why Mario Maker should not be snubbed.

"I have a feeling my life's gonna be ruined again because of Mario Maker though," tweets @Proton_Jon.

"Mario Maker is one of those games that show the Wii U's potential: Touchscreen for editing, gamepad for playing. Instant buy for me," says @mstum.

WATCH: The New Zelda for Wii U Teaser | Nintendo Digital Event at E3 2014

WATCH: Mario Maker for Wii U Teaser | Nintendo Digital Event at E3 2014

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