Zayn Malik in Prison for Smoking a Joint in Leaked Video: Twitter Hoax Spreads Like Wildfire


Is Zayn Malik in prison? One Direction fans are in shock since the hashtag #ZaynInPrison has gone trending on Twitter. It is being reported the alleged arrest came after a smoking video of Malik and another One Direction member, Louis Tomlinson, leaked online. In the shocking video, the two can be seen smoking what they call a joint.

Since Malik and Tomlinson's smoking video has gone widespread, there is intense speculation of the two being in legal trouble. Apart from reportedly smoking a joint, Malik and Tomlinson also allegedly made fun of "illegal substances." However, it was unclear if the news of Malik in prison was true or just another Twitter hoax.

According to a Hollywoodlife report, Zayn Malik is not behind the bars. The news of him being behind the bars is a pure hoax. The Web site went on to state some prankster started the news of Malik being jailed. The same prankster also included a shocking allegation of rape against the One Direction member.

This is not the first time a Twitter hoax has been spread about the British boyband member. He has also been declared dead in an Internet hoax in April.

Here are some reactions after #ZaynInPrison started trending on Twitter:

Meanwhile, Harry Styles is reportedly upset with Malik and Tomlinson's behaviour. He is said to have been furious on their "stupid" and "reckless" behaviour.

"Harry is annoyed about the whole debacle. This should be one of the biggest weeks of the band's career with the launch of their UK stadium tour. Instead it has been taken over by this controversy. Harry thinks it was a stupid and reckless thing for Louis to allow to be filmed in the first place," TVNZ quoted a source from The Sun.

After the controverisal video emerged, Styles is reported to have distanced himself from the bandmates and has been travelling alone. 

"Harry was up checking his phone to see the reaction (after the video emerged).He understands the whole world is talking and he is trying to work out how to limit the damage," the source further added.

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