Zayn Malik Injury: Did He Get into a Fight over Alleged Cheating Scandal with Courtney Webb? [PHOTOS]


One Direction member Zayn Malik was spotted with an injured right hand on Wednesday afternoon. Reports are suggesting that the 20-year-old singer got involved in a fight following the cheating scandal that Australian waitress Courtney Webb revealed.

Zayn's injury became visible when he arrived for rehearsals at a studio in London. The injury appeared serious enough to have his two fingers taped together and some cuts and bruises can be seen on his bandaged hand.

As he walked from the car into the studio, Zayn Malik looked like he was having a bad day. The One Direction star sported a fur lined brown jacket paired with jeans, brown boots and a grey beanie cap.

Zayn Malik is currently in a tight spot after Australian waitress Courtney Webb revealed that they slept together and exposed some photographic evidence to support her claim. The cheating scandal reached Zayn's girlfriend, Perrie Edwards, and then confronted the young pop star about his infidelity.

Now, it appears that the couple's relationship was saved and they are still going strong. Zayn flew all the way back to the United Kingdom from France as an effort to make his relationship with Perrie Edwards work.

During a recent interview about his trip to Ghana for Comic Relief, Zayn Malik talked about the eye-opening trip that placed his "little problems" in life into a different point of view. He may have indirectly connected the cheating scandal to the Ghana trip.

Zayn Malik told "Daybreak" host Richard Arnold: "It kind of put things into perspective for me, just in like in everyday life you have like little problems that we think are so major and then you go over there and you actually see people that are actually dealing with real problems."

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