Zayn Malik Fling: Waitress Courtney Webb Receives Hate Messages and Death Threats [PHOTOS]


Australian waitress Courtney Webb has received numerous hate messages and death threats from the One Direction fans. Obviously, the "Directioners" are upset with Courtney's claim that she slept with the boy band member Zayn Malik in his north London home.

The 21-year-old waitress was perplexed upon learning that her personal number became publicly known. Courtney admitted the situation has gone alarming particularly with the safety of her life.  

"I was expecting some abuse but it has got out of control. I've had hundreds of calls from all over the world. One American girl left me six voicemails in an hour saying she was going to kill me. It's really scary," Webb stated according to The Sun report.

Leon Anderson, a friend of Zayn Malik, is the person responsible for exposing Courtney Webb's number on the social networking site Twitter. "Courtney was a friend who tried to cause an issue with another friend," Anderson explained as to why he posted Courtney's number.

Despite removing the message on Twitter, Leon has already done some damage to get back at Courtney. And what does Courtney have to say about her number being divulged to the public? "Leon's a nasty piece of work. It was Zayn who cheated, not me, and Leon let it happen," the waitress stated.

More controversy surrounded this alleged Zayn Malik fling with Courtney Webb's proof that she slept with the One Direction member. Some "Directioners" pointed out on Twitter that the guy in the photograph is not even the real Zayn Malik due to differences in the facial features.

Twitter users have expressed their reactions and opinions over the alleged cheating scandal.  "I hope Courtney webb gets mobbed for that story she sold about zayn.. God some people would do anything for money sometimes," Twitter user @_ChloeHB wrote.

@MovingIn1D posted: "Remember that girl who said she was pregnant with Justin Bieber's baby only to become famous? That's what Courtney Webb is doing." Another Twitter user, @gracielleannep, wrote this message: "To who ever that Courtney Webb is. What do you really want? FAME?"

Amidst the reported fling, it appears that Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards are still a couple. Singer Perrie Edwards even admitted on Monday that she is "totally fine."

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