Zayn Malik Cheating Scandal: Pixie Lott Feels Sorry for Perrie Edwards [PHOTOS]


Singer Pixie Lott boldly expressed her opinion on Zayn Malik's alleged cheating scandal with Australian waitress Courtney Webb. The 22-year-old English music artist revealed that she feels sorry for Perrie Edwards and even offered some word of advice.

"No way would I stand by my man if he did that. I've never been in that position but it's terrible. Girls should stand up for themselves. They don't deserve to be treated like that, they can find a man who wouldn't do that to them," Pixie Lott stated to the Daily Star.

Pixie Lott further stated: "I feel so sorry for Perrie. She's a lovely girl. I've met her couple of times and she's so pretty. It's a very sad situation. Male celebs who are in the public eye need to know they can't just sleep with random girls."

Meanwhile, Zayn Malik has neither confirmed nor denied if Courtney Webb's claims are true but he commented that the status of his relationship with girlfriend Perrie Edwards is "just fine." It appears that Perrie Edwards did not break up with Zayn Malik with the alleged cheating scandal currently surrounding them.

According to "The Sun" report, the young couple spent the night together at Zayn's London home which is obviously an attempt to fix their damaged relationship. Perrie Edwards was photographed leaving her boyfriend's house the following day.

In an interview, Zayn Malik revealed as well that he is grateful to have the other members of One Direction around for support. "We genuinely feel like brothers. If anything happens we are there because nobody else understands like the other lads," Zayn stated.

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