Zachary Levi and Missy Peregrym Secretly Wed in Maui

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Some celebrities do not mind the attention of the public when they were getting hitched like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who recently got married in Italy, and Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro, who had a reality show filming about their wedding preparation until the wedding itself. But there are stars who wanted to keep the limelight only in their careers, not in their private lives, especially when they are tying the knot.

Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish, who got married in a Montana ranch, and Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millipied, who had a Jewish wedding, surprised everyone when they revealed their wedding rings. And apparently, Missy Peregyrm and Zachary Levi wanted to do the same. They wanted to surprise everyone, especially their fans about their secret wedding and they pulled it off during their so-called "coffee date" and "dreams and goals."

The couple was hush hush about the details of their wedding. Even their friends and family kept their sense of secrecy firm until they finally tied the knot in Maui, Hawaii. The newly weds only hinted about their recent wedding by using the words "coffee date" and "goals and dreams" in their Twitter accounts. Missy, now Mrs Levi, demonstrated some statements of surrealism, saying, "That coffee date was UNREAL" followed by "@zacharylevi" and "#marriedinmaui." Zachary replied, "These dreams and goals are really working out." Then it was complemented by a picture of the two, both wearing blue hoodies with a label of "Mr" and "Mrs" only that their eyes were covered. Their smiles were showing, though, unable to contain the happiness they had.

The only more direct revelation about this wedding came from "Avatar's" Joel David Moore: "Congrats to @ZacharyLevi and @mperegrym on their stunning wedding and their beautiful future. Couldn't be happier for my brother & my new sis pal." This created a buzz among his followers gaining, 157 Retweets and 283 Favorites. He also admitted that "he was exhausted and terrible with secrets."

Zachary Levi and Missy Peregrym have been private about their relatonship. No wonder they were able to pull this off. They were only seen in public together doing interviews, walking the Red Carpet, and casual dates.

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