Zac Efron Was Punched in the Face by a Homeless Guy—Was He Trying to Get Drugs in Skid Row?

  @Ze_Charm on March 28 2014 2:41 PM
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Zac Efron has been single for the longest time following split from longtime girlfriend and onscreen partner, Vanessa Hudgens.

Hunky actor Zac Efron got punched in the face during the early hours of March 23 in the Skid Row area of Los Angeles. According to reports, the "High School Musical" is currently on the mend after receiving a vicious punch in the mouth by a homeless man in L.A. The reason as to why the actor was in Skid Town area remains to be sketchy. Sadly, Efron landed in the wrong side of Skid Row and as a result, landed in the "territory" of the homeless man, law enforcement told TMZ.

Police that were on patrol allegedly saw Zac Efron and his body guard in action against three other unidentified people. Zac Efron and his entourage allegedly hurled an empty bottle near a huddle of homeless men which initiated the fiasco.

The two homeless men apparently went to Zac's car and confronted the bodyguard. A punch fest ensued and Zac Efron tried to mitigate the fight but got socked hard in the mouth instead.

Fans can remember that the "High School Musical" star mysteriously broke his jaw in November with the reason that he slipped on a pool of water in his home. Fans would also remember how the "17 Again" star was admitted to a rehab facility twice last year for cocaine abuse. Zac has since then completed his rehab stints revealing to People magazine that he was doing great and that he is taking care of himself more than it shows.

Skid Row area in Los Angeles is being monitored by authorities as it is a hotspot for drug deals and gangs. According to TMZ, one witness strongly says that Zac was "obviously intoxicated."

Could it be that Zac Efron was there in such a sketchy place during midnight to strike up a deal for drugs?

Lamar Odom, the basketball player and estranged husband of Khloe Kardashian, has recently been seen around Skid Row in Los Angeles. Lamar is also battling with drug issues-one reason why Khloe called it quits on their marriage.

The cops did not arrest anyone as they viewed the duel between the two camps "mutual combat." Zac Efron is yet to give a statement about the run-in with homeless men he encountered.

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