Zac Efron Is So 'Gay' on The Tonight Show

Zac Efron Is A Flawless Drag Queen
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Zac Efron's fans may be accostumed to seeing him butt-naked like in a scene in "The Awkward Moment," where he is seen stark naked while planking on a toilet. But they are not used to seeing him dressed like a drag queen (see photo here).

Efron, along with "Neighbors" co-star Seth Rogen, guest-starred on "The Tonight Show" on Tuesday to promote their movie "Neighbors," which will be shown in theatres on May 9. Host Jimmy Fallon talked his guests into appearing in yet another of his comical skits. According to JustJared, he channelled his "inner drag queen."

Efron, Rogen and host Jimmy Fallon himself prepped up for their roles in the skit. The host donned on a purple tube dress, pink tights and completed his "womanly" outfit with a wavy blond wig with a red ribbon headband.

Zac Efron opted to go "flowery" and wore a blue floral spaghetti-strap mini dress, green tights and a long black wig. A pink flower headband completed his look. Rogen, meanwhile, wore the same style of dress as Zac's however opted to go for a lighter shade of pink with a pair of purple tights. The comedian wore a "Goldilocks" wig with a tiny yellow flower perched on it. The dress revealed too much of Seth's chest hair while Zac's of his toned muscles. Of course, the trio wore make up to fully project the drag queen look (see photo here).

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Efron, Rogen and Fallon were seen doing selfies on the show and dancing to Little John's "Turn Down For What" song, which was the same song Miley Cyrus twerked to on her Instagram video. The show ended with Fallon, Efron and Rogen declaring that James Franco is an "ew."

Queerty called Efron's performance as a drag queen to be flawless, especially the hair flip, while Rogen and Fallon were trying too hard.

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