Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez Have Been Hooking Up For Months! New Evidence Reveals

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Zac Efron Poses After He Threw Off His Shirt as He Accepts the Award for Best Shirtless Performance for 'That Awkward Moment' as Presenters Rita Ora and Jessica Alba Look on at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles
Zac Efron poses after he threw off his shirt as he accepts the award for best shirtless performance for "That Awkward Moment" as presenters Rita Ora and Jessica Alba (2nd R) look on at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles, California, April 13, 2014. REUTERS

Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez shocked the public in the past couple of weeks when photos of them came out kissing in a boat off the coast of Sardinia. Now that the beans have been spilled about the apparent romance between the two, a barrage of new information is starting to come out about their possible relationship which is not nearly as fresh as initially perceived. A common friend named Mohammed Al Turki has recently posted some incriminating photos that reveal more information about Zac and Michelle which have flown under the radar for several months and possibly even years!

On July 3, Al Turki posted a throwback photo on twitter showing Zac, Michelle, himself and another friend with the caption:

"Nothing beats celebrating my birthday with my best friends my family love you @zacefron @petermbrant @mrodofficial"

Then on July 8, Al Turki posted another photo on twitter featuring Zac and Michelle photoshopped to wear Arabic clothing. He then captioned it with:

"I can't !!! This is too funny not to repost @mrodofficial and @ZacEfron Arabized"

Further evidence of a longer connection between the two actors can be found in Al Turki's Instagram account where he has a post from seven months ago featuring the "Bad Neighbors" star and "Fast and the Furious" actress and himself in what appears to be a boat in an ocean setting. The caption gives a clue that the photo had been taken several months before the date that it was posted:

"Missing the summer !!! Wishing those two were with me at #DIFF #TakeMeBackToSummer #GoodTimes"

It would appear that Zac and Michelle had been going on trips together since as far back as last summer if the social media posts are to be believed.

The news about the pair and their apparent romance first broke out more or less two weeks ago when videos of them were posted on Instagram by their friend Gianluca Vacchi who is apparently hosting them during their stay in Italy. Photos were later snapped of the two of them getting on a plane to Sardinia and getting on a boat in what initially appeared to be a fun getaway among friends. Not long after, photos surfaced of the pair being affectionate and locking lips on a boat which confirms that the vacation was not so friendly after all. This new evidence that has come to light might indicate that this might not be such fresh news after all. 

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