'YouTube's Upcoming Viral Video Trends, May Turn to Reality for Year 2014 [Review]

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On March 31, a day before "April Fools Day", YouTube posted a video about possible viral videos that are predicted to hit popularity this year. They jokingly introduced new video trends and memes planned for 2014. Some viewers took the video seriously, and the "#newtrends" YouTube came up with is starting to become a hit.

The Glub Glub Water Dance

Inspired by the previous hits "Harlem Shake" and "Gangnam Style", YouTube created a dance craze called the "Glub Glub Water Dance". Despite many viewers saying that dance craze trends are distasteful, the viewership for the water dance is gaining huge hits with a "True Reach" of over 900,000 and more than 50 user uploads. Among the forecast new video trends, the water dance tops as the most popular. A sign of becoming (if not already) a huge hit before the year ends.

Kissing Dad

Another out-of-the-blue prank ideas has been created by YouTube. In the past few years, vine videos about "Mom" pranks surfaced. This time, YouTube has suggested users to make pranks about kissing dads. The video trend already started to catch on, and there resulted many confused and surprised dads everywhere. According to viewers, and "practitioners" of the prank, this will be the new "prank-your-parents" of the year. True Reach estimates 600,000 views.


When it comes to trends, the world has been witness to the "planking" craze. As most cynical YouTube viewers dislike planking, everyone might find more nonsense in "clocking". This trend is to stand in public, or any place desired and mimic hands on a clock. The idea is to tell the actual time by mimicking an analog clock. Same as the first two predicted new trends, clocking has now 500,000 True Reach views. It's another frontrunner for a possible trend for the year 2014.

YouTube's #newtrends campaign was intented to be an April Fool's Day prank. Unexpectedly, YouTube has seen the videos grow quite the popularity. Because of the viewership numbers these videos are posting, YouTube users and viewers may find these trends to be featured in "YouTube's Rewind 2014".

Jokes that accidentally came true.

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