YouTube Suspends Aussie PM Tony Abbott's Video Promoting Government Progress [Suspended Video Inside]

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Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott claims that he has fulfilled "his promise" but YouTube may have a difference of opinion. Within hours of Mr Abbott uploading a video titled "A Message from the PM - Delivering on Our Promises," YouTube suspended it for "deceptive content."

mUmBRELLA reported that Mr Abbott tweeted about the YouTube video, but the preview of the video on Twitter showed a blank screen with a notification: "This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content." Apparently, the prime minister's video was deleted by YouTube. Soon after, the tweet that carried that video link was also allegedly deleted from the Twitter account of the Aussie prime minister. The snapshot of the tweet can be viewed HERE.

mUmBRELLA posted an update on the story later. It reported that a spokesperson of YouTube had spoken to the Web site and admitted that the video was suspended by mistake. The spokesperson has said that, at times, some videos are suspended because they are flagged inappropriate. However, when it is brought to the attention of YouTube, the suspension is withdrawn after a quick review.

When last checked, the video is working fine on YouTube. However, we could not find any tweet from Mr Abbott's Twitter account that shared the video link with his followers. It seems like that the prime minister may have felt a little embarrassed by the entire act. Probably, that is why he is hesitating to share the video once again.

In the video message, Mr Abbott claims that "confidence" is coming back. This is what he has realised after talking to the people of his country. The government promises to keep up the good work which was begun in 2013. Mr Abbott emphatically claims that the government has plans to make the Australian economy stronger and more prosperous.

The Australian economy has seen some of the lowest points in the history of the country 2013 [Read Here].

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