YouTube Sensation Superwoman (Lilly Singh) Recreates Jay Z and Solange Elevator Assault Session at 2014 MET Gala After Party [VIDEO]

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Looks like Jay Z must add one more problem to his 99 problems, thanks to Solange. YouTube star and comedian Superwoman or Lilly Singh releases her latest video recreating Solange beating up Jay Z in the elevator while Beyonce stands without giving two things about the whole episode.

"What Jay Z said to Solange!" is the of title Superwoman's video.

She claims to have done the actual re-enactment of what happened in the elevator.

The first scene shows Jay Z and Solange in the elevator and Beyonce's sister starts whacking the hell out of Jay Z for no reason at all (background score: AK 47 gunshots). Meanwhile, Beyonce is in the elevator and she just ignores the whole situation.

Scene 2

"Hey yo, is there a partition in this elevator," says Jay Z.

"Because she doesn't need to see Beyonce's own honeys," adds Jay Z.

This is when Solange goes all nuts and starts hitting the rapper.

Scene 3 - Jay Z vs. Solange

"Oh my god Scary Spice, girl, I am a big fan," says Jay Z as he enters into the elevator.

Solange starts to hit, kick, punch Jay Z and Beyonce continues to watch.

Scene 3 - I've got 99 problems!

Jay Z enters into the elevator and raps his famous number "99 Problems."

"Now you have 100," screams Solange and starts her assault session.

During all the bashing and hitting, Lilly Singh says that Beyonce is the one who doesn't really care about it.

Earlier TMZ reported that Beyonce's sister Solange assaulted by kicking and swinging him in the elevator.

The website obtained the surveillance video featuring Jay Z, Solange and Beyonce.

According to the website's sources, the incident happened at a MET Gala after party at the Standard Hotel in New York City.

Jay Z, Solange and Beyonce entered into the elevator and Solange went crazy before hitting the rapper.

Despite a large man, who TMZ claims was the bodyguard, attempts to stop Solange she manages to land three hits.

Check out Lilly Singh or Superwoman's video below.

Credit: YouTube/IISuperwomanII

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