Your Handwriting: A Key to Your Personality ?


Most everything you do is a manifestation of who you are. Even the most ordinary and commonplace such as writing in cursive can be a revelatory experience.

Graphologist Kathi McKnight explains some basic concepts into handwriting analysis.

People's handwritings sometimes lean to one side when writing in cursive. If yours tends to lean a little bit to the right, you are most probably a social butterfly and approach the world with an attitude evoking openness. If your handwriting leans to the left, you are more of a loner type who doesn't like to be in the limelight.

However, if you are right handed but your handwriting leans to the left, you may be expressing a bit of your rebellious nature. If your handwriting is upright, it implies a logical and practical nature. You also guard your emotions well.

The size of your letters also matter. If you are used to writing in big, bold letters, that corresponds to a bigger personality. People who write in a tighter, smaller letters are much more introspective and focused.

There's a good chance that they are also shy and reserved. An average sized letter can mean that you are adaptable and pretty much well-rounded.

The appearance of your cursive letter "s" also plays into graphology. A smooth, rounded out "s" can correspond to someone who's a people pleaser. It can also mean that you hate conflict and would go to great lengths to not be involved in one. A tense, pointy "s" calls for a much more curious person in terms of intellectual pursuits. The higher and pointier the tops of your letter, the more ambitious you are.

These are just some of the introductory tips that McKnight shares. Next time you write to someone, try analyzing your own handwriting to see if these tips are accurate.

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