Youngest Assassins in Criminal History: Gruesome Murders Committed by Children

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Pakistani boy Musa Khan aka Muhammad Mosa Khan is charged with attempted murder. The twist in the tale is that he is merely 9 months old.

It has been reported that the baby had to be hidden by his relatives to save him from courtroom hazards. New York Post called Pakistan's criminal justice system as "dysfunctional" as the case apparently exposed it even further. Musa [Image] was made to appear in a Lahore court last week. He was accompanied by his grandfather and father.

Musa, on the other hand, is not the only child who was charged with criminal offence. There several young children who were even convicted of murder charges. Let's have a look at some of them.

Andrew Wurst

Andrew Wurst was sentenced up to 60 years of imprisonment after he killed his teacher John Gillette. He used a .25 caliber pistol to commit his crime which he did publicly in a restaurant. He was just 14.

Eric Smith

Eric Smith murdered Derrick Robie, 4, after sexually abusing him in 1993. He was only 13 when he committed the crime. He strangled little Derrick in the woods. The bespectacled boy with red hair never said why he killed the boy. He was sentenced to 9 years in jail.

Mary Bell

Mary Bell was 11 when she killed two boys, Brian Howe (3) and Martin Brown (4). Both of them were strangled by Mary while she was helped by one of her 13-year-old friend in killing Brian. She also carved "M" on Brian's stomach after killing him. She served 12 years in jail.

Anonymous Boy

An 8-year-old anonymous boy killed his father and his father's friend. He shot both of them with a .22 caliber rifle. He apparently retaliated against his father for beating him regularly. He even took notes how many times he was beaten. He faced intensive probation until he became 18.

Carl Newton Mahan

Carl Newton Mahan killed his 8-year-old friend when he was only 6. They apparently fought over a piece of scrap iron. He killed his friend with his father's shotgun. This murder, which was committed in 1929, was one of the earliest cases recorded. Carl was probably the youngest murderer in the U.S.


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