‘Young and the Restless’ Star Michael Muhney’s Finale: Fans Continue to Support; #TeamMuhney Trend on Twitter; Second Banner Flies Over CBS Studios

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Jan. 30 episode of the long running "The Young and The Restless" marked the finale of veteran actor Michael Muhney in the show. This was one of the most anticipated episodes on the show as it featured final scenes of the actor as his character Adam Newman. Fans of the actor are doing everything to protest against the decisions of the show maker of his dismissal.

Fans of Michael Muhney are extending their support in every possible manner. Even before the day of Michael Muhney's finale on "Young and the Restless," fans got together to show their support. His huge fan following got #TeamMuhney trending on microblogging Web site Twitter as reported by Celebrity Dirty Laundry.  

Fans of Michael Muhney and the popular show are really upset and disappointed by the show runners' decision. His abrupt firing has led to the rise of protesting fans who plan to boycott the show after actor's exit.

Ever since it was reported that Michael Muhney has been fired over allegations of sexually harassing Hunter King, fans have displayed their disapproval in many ways. Numerous fan pages, discussion forums and communities have been formed. Reportedly, a Facebook group called For the Love of Muhney has played a pivotal role in the protest by fans.

Earlier it was reported that Michael Muhney's fans prepared an aerial banner worth $785 to fly over the CBS studios. Unfortunately the banner was flown on the wrong studio. But, fans are not giving up yet. According to the Celebrity Dirty Laundry report, this time, over 80 fans raised $2000 funds to fly another aerial banner to show their support and anger, both at the same time.  

This banner was to fly over the CBS studios at the end of the show featuring Michael Muhney's finale episode. The banner reads: "#TeamMuhney Walks with Micahel." Some of the photos of the flying banner were posted on a Facebook page supporting Michael Muhney. Click HERE and HERE to view.

According to the reports, Michael Muhney may have been fired, but it is speculated that his character Adam Newman will continue to be part of "The Young and the Restless." Various media outlets reported that actor Chris McKenna is joining the cast of the long running CBS show. It is speculated that later it may be revealed that Chris McKenna's character is actually Adam Newman who at the moment has gone to Paris, in the show.

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