‘The Young and the Restless' Spoilers and Recaps: Kevin and Chloe to Marry Soon, What Secret is Paul Hiding?

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"The Young and the Restless" continues to be exciting as Kevin and Chloe gets engaged while Paul keeps a huge secret. [Warning: Spoiler Alert!]

Chloe cannot just marry Kevin on her own reservations. But the man's dedication in wooing the girl is so hard that he was able to convince her to say yes. The engagement came bumpy but pushes through. Though, will the two make a good couple or will the marriage even work-out good for the both of them?

On the train station, Kevin tells his heart to Chloe and says his interest in marrying her so she can be remanded to his custody. Chloe rejects the proposal as she just need time to think and goes away.

Michael pulls Kevin aside to remind him that the proposal must be a bad idea. Kevin might be so in love with the woman but Michael thinks Chloe does not feel the same even to the slightest. He cautioned Kevin who in return walks back to Chloe and woe her more. Chloe was hesitant and said she can't marry him. She doesn't want to be a burden. But Kevin is so dedicated and later convinces her to say yes to the marriage.

Meantime, Nikki goes to Paul's office to discuss with him things about Victor--especially his threats to Ian. Nikki tells Paul that she is not happy with Victor especially the way he pushed Victoria and Nick away. Nikki later leaves thanking Paul for being there.

Later, Paul told Chris who arrived after Nikki left that he did not tell Nikki Ian's secret. The secret also haunts Dylan which tells Avery that he's constantly thinking about it after engaging in some PDA at Crimson Lights.

Also on the same episode, Sharon was troubled by Cassie again after making love with Nick. She told her therapist about it and she asked for new medication. Her therapists though think that what she is experiencing is part of the trauma she got from the past incident. The therapist suggests that Sharon should divulge her secret already. Sharon said she does not want to lie and keep secrets to Nick so she promised to tell him everything. Nick arrived soon but Sharon is already gone.

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