‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers for Feb.10 Week: Adam Newman Lives after Michael Muhney Exits; Disagreements, Confrontations, Shocking Truths Surface

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Even though it was said that fans will boycott long running daytime soap opera after Michael Muhney exits the show in the wake of his alleged firing, the show seems to be gaining great ratings. Being one of the most watched daily soap opera, "The Young and the Restless" has been renewed for another season by CBS as reported by Latin Times. Several significant actors and characters have recently exited the show, including Billy Miller who played Billy Abbott. Even after such a loss the show is growing stronger in terms of ratings, viewership and storyline. Find out what happens in "The Young and the Restless" episodes in the new week beginning Feb. 10, 2014. [Warning: Spoilers Ahead]

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers for Feb. 10 Week

Feb. 7, 2014 episode of "The Young and the Restless" was indeed a big one for the viewers as the last shot gave a glimpse of Adam Newman to his fans.

Earlier in the episode, Chelsea shuts out the idea of holding a memorial for Adam as she tells Sharon that she believes he is still alive. And later, the last scene teases life for Adam Newman. A badly injured hand with a wedding wearing was shown moving in the snow. As anticipated by fans, it is Adam Newman sending out sign of life.

Everyone knows that actor Michael Muhney would not be playing Adam Newman after he was fired for allegedly sexually harassing Hunter King. So are you wondering what lies ahead in the future of "The Young and The Restless?"

According to latest "The Young the Restless" spoilers report by Soap Central, in the week that begins with Feb. 10 episode on Monday, tension between Victor and Jack will only rise and their differences will continue to grow.

Adam Newman's supposed death leads to growing disagreements over Connor. Chloe and Chelsea have an argument which forces Chloe to take some actions. During the argument Chelsea reveals she plans to take Connor to Paris alone and which makes Chloe anxious and compels her to snatch Chelsea's passport.

In future, Victoria and Nick will discover a shocking truth. Could it be that they would find out that Victor knew that Adam was the driver of the car that killed Delia. Following this, Billy Abbott will seek answers from Victor who apparently knew the truth.

Other Highlights (Spoilers) from Upcoming Episodes of 'The Young and the Restless'

While Newman's are struggling with the truth behind Adam Newman's death, elsewhere Ian Ward is back in Genoa City which worries Avery. According to the spoilers' report by She Knows, "Ian turns the tables on Avery," this may leave her fazed. What do you think Avery will do next?

In the meantime, Lily will finally confront Colin and Sharon and Nick will talk to each other about their issues.

In Feb. 13, 2014 episode, a benefit will be organized to honor and remember Delia. Also, Cane plan for a big surprise for Lily. And things start to heat up between Jack and Kelly.

On one hand Adam Newman is shown alive and on the other hand Billy Abbott is looking forward to a new beginning post car crash accident. He will also share a guilty secret with Kelly in coming time. Do you think Adam Newman will make a comeback to the show anytime soon? Who do you think would take the place of the much loved actor Michael Muhney?

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