'The Young and The Restless' Spoilers: Adam Newman is Alive, But No More Michael Muhney

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"The Young and the Restless" character Adam Newman survives car explosion and will make a comeback soon.

The producer of the long running series has been hinting a comeback of the character formerly played by actor Michael Muhney. The actor was fired after a sexual harassment rocked the "Young and the Restless" star which lead producer Jill Farren Phelps to evade his character by putting a car crash in the plot. Muhney was last seen on the show the week before the tragic car incident happened to his character.

The episode last week raised speculations that the well-loved character will soon make a comeback. Victor hired a private detective to track a homeless man who had witnessed the car accident involving Adam and Billy. While Billy escaped the burning car, Adam was never seen to have escaped. Though, his body was not recovered in the incident. The homeless man told them that he had seen Adam crawl out of the car with his clothes burning before it exploded. When asked by Chelsea where Adam did go, the homeless man simply said, "home, of course."

Adam Newman is alive but on fire? The character may appear in the popular soap anytime soon. But a sure thing, Michael Muhney will not play the role unless Phelps decides to bring him back after the backlash she received in removing the well-loved actor in the series.

The comeback will probably use the "cosmetic-surgery-after-being-burned" cliché, to bring the character back in the story. But the question now is who will replace Muhney, who nailed playing the role for almost five years?

An article in the Celebrity Dirty Laundry website said Trevor St. John, most known for his role as Victor Lord Jr. on ABC's soap One Life To Live, most probably looks close to Munhey. But with previous news about the rage of Adam or Muhney fans, many think that there is no one more appropriate to the role than Muhney himself.

Adam's comeback is maybe one of the most common twists in most soaps, but it is something that fans of  "The Young and the Restless" are looking forward to.

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