Yemeni Daughter Burned To Death By Father, Discovered Calling Her Fiance Before Marriage

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Up to this very day, Yemeni honor killings still happen with the latest news reporting that a 15-year-old daughter was burnt by her own father just because of talking to her fiancé before marriage.

According to Daily Mail UK, the police Web site that first reported the crime in Taiz, Yemen mentioned that the father caught his daughter chatting over the phone with her fiancé. Based on traditional customs in some regions of Yemen, it is not allowed for men and women to get in touch before they tie the knot.

Apart from this traditional custom, it has also been of high concern in Yemen the recent issues that involved child brides. This is when families offer their daughters whose ages are 18 and below to marry to an older man as a way to rise up from poverty. It was just last month when the case of an 8-year-old girl, who allegedly died from severe sexual injuries during her wedding night shocked the world.

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However, after several weeks, the alleged victim came up along with her father to deny the news and announce that the news was just a hoax.

BBC UK's reports on concerns over honour killings were raised by the council of the UN Human Rights. Those who will be proven guilty will have to face an imprisonment of 6 months to 1 year as penalty. They are not charged with murder even if they kill their own daughters.

For months now, numerous cases of Yemeni girls and women who go through different kinds of violence and other unfair practices like forced marriages or forced pregnancy have been coming up. Thanks to the lack of a proper law in favour of women! mentioned that this is not the first of its kind since many honour killings have already happened in the past. Last April 2013, a Jordanian mum was found with a slit throat and cut open womb. She was four months pregnant and believed to have been shamelessly murdered due to the flaw that she and her child have brought to their family honour.

Another was in November 2012 when a 16-year-old Pakistani girl was burned to death too. Her own parents used acid on her when she was allegedly caught looking at two boys on the street.

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