Yao Ming and Wife Star in Movie Against Driving Under the Influence

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Outside the court, Yao Ming continues to make a name for himself by being a public figure, working towards the welfare of the Chinese people. Nope, he is not in the government.

Retirement for Yao Ming does not mean sitting down watching TV and drinking beer all day. Recently, the retired and yet famed Chinese basketball player starred  in True Love Need a Designated Driver-If You are the One in Shanghai, a microfilm. The microfilm was produced by the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps, Chinese Wine Association and Anheuser-Busch InBev together. The film addresses the problem of driving while drunk.

The Chinese basketball great Yao Ming worked with the world's largest beer producer to show a short film demonstrating the dangers of drunk driving. The was launched in Shanghai on Aug 25.

The film shows Yao, who plays the role of a designated driver, facing bad consequences associated with drunken driving.  While the basketball player had starred in different commercials, this is Yao's first ever micro film. While speaking at the debut Yao said, "The film was shot on Father's Day. I hope I can be arole model and inspire more people pay attention to traffic safety ... You should never drink and drive, so please choose a designated driver for the sake of love for all."

Parts of the proceeds from the film would also be given to Yao Ming's foundation, and will make donations to build Hope Primary Schools and basketbal courts for students in rural China.

In this film, Yao Ming got the chance to work with his wife. When talking about his wife's performance in the microfilm, Yao Ming shared proudly: "Usually, my wife wears no makeup in public. But this time, she makes up and took on in the public service film. She looks really gorgeous after making up." His wife Ye Li beamed, hearing Yao's words, while seated beside the basketball player.

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