Xiaomi And Micromax: New 'Fast' Rising Phone Makers From China And India

  @judithaparri on April 10 2014 6:21 PM

Xiaomi and Micromax, Chinese and Indian smartphone makers respectively, are emerging fast threatening the current titan manufacturers Apple and Samsung.

Both Chinese and Indian firms are classically manufacturing mobile devices that are "good enough" at low-cost models compared to the leading brands. Both handsets are two of the seven fast-rising domestic phonemakers that are ultra-low cost, premium quality products that could nudge consumers in the untapped markets like that of Indonesia and India when it comes to smartphone trends.

Such rising companies begin to go for higher designs of 4G LTE phones with the similar processing capability of premium devices like Samsung and Apple. These emerging manufacturers have the skills, know-how of market trends and innovative as they are credited for hardware, strategy and management of supply chain.

According to Business Insider, latest reports discussed the reason global mobile and Internet firms need to work with emerging firms like Xiaomi and Micromax:

  • Two-fifth of the smartphone market in China and a quarter of India account major local manufacturers. Xiaomi sold four of the 10 best Android phones and operates as one of the top five app stores.
  • With top two makers in India and five in China, "local 7" export approximately 65 million phones quarterly, and that exceeds Apple and seems to surpass Samsung soon.
  • With many influences and tactics, these Chinese and Indian device makers run their own thriving app stores, services and mobile OS. They also control the apps pre-loaded on their devices.
  • These phone makers are not local producers although some may think they are. But what makes them competitive with leading smartphone manufacturers is their "price." The "local 7" were able to produce with the same features to that of higher-priced devices - comparable hardware with lesser prices. A Micromax device is only priced 25 percent with that of Apple's iPhone 5c.
  • With its four-point strategy, Xiaomi was able to produce four of the most popular models in China in 3 years.
  • The "local 7" has the great opportunity to grow and expand even abroad with favorable conditions. Micromax has smartphones Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal. Xiaomi is focusing on Malaysia and Brazil. Huawei has entered the U.S. with its 4G LTE device on MetroPCS.

The report covered the discussion of modern approach and global objective of the "local 7." While evaluating the significant roles, they are playing when they see the needs of local customers. Xiaomi is tagged as the "Apple of China" though "Amazon of China" explains better how it runs its hardware technology. It also touches on leading local manufacturers in China and India, how they compare with Samsung and Apple in consumer share and how Lenovo achieved the world's third largest smartphone manufacturer.

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