Xiaomi Mi Band Joins Wearable Device Bandwagon, with More Features for a Low Cost

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The Chinese startup Xiaomi has just unveiled the Mi Band, the company's initial offering to the wearables market. Just as the tech giants are busy developing and introducing their own entries into the wearable device hype, the relatively new consumer electronics manufacturer has already unleashed its flagship gadget. However, this diminutive device should not be mistaken for a smartwatch.

So what does the Mi Band do? What are the features or key functions of this Xiaomi wearable device?

As Xiaomi's CEO Lei Jun announced the about U.S.$13-priced fitness band's arrival, he himself attested having tried several other products under the same category as the Mi Band before, but most of which are no match to Xiaomi's very first fitness tracking wearable device. Whether or not the chief officer's testament is true or he is simply living by the famous adage "love your own," it is still relevant to enlist the Mi Band's functions that reportedly outperforms its so-called competitors.

First off, the Xiaomi Mi Band is a fitness tracking wearable device. The wristband can track how much calorie the wearer has burned after strenuous activities such as walking, running or excercising. Aside from that, it can outline users' varying stages of sleep as well as track how long they have slept. The Mi Band also doubles as an alarm. With such functions, it is good to note that this breakthrough product has Bluetooth connectivity, sensors and an accelometer packed in its minute form.

This sleek addition to wearables comes in several attractive colours, namely blue, green, pink, black and orange. The lightweight wristband has an aluminium face with microlaser perforation. CEO Lei Jun mentioned that a leather-band variant will also be available to those who want a classy and sophisticated Mi Band. Being IP67 certified, this wearable device is guaranteed water-resistant and dust-resistant as well.

What probably sets the Xiaomi Mi Band apart from the currently existing fitness monitoring bands like Jawbone, Nike FuelBand and Fitbit Flex is Xiaomi's claim that the battery's stand-by power can last up to 1 month or 30 days when fully charged. This state-of-the-art wristband works best when paired with the Xiaomi Mi 3 or Mi 4 smartphones. Since this gadget lacks a screen display, the metrics and statistics tracked by the Mi Band is transmitted to its partner smartphone. Another unique feature is that it functions as a phone unlocker—when the Mi Band senses the user's smartphone nearby, it will automatically unlock the screen sans a password or a passcode.

In the near future, Xiaomi wishes to add other functions such as a personal ID, a wearable device that can switch on a smart TV or home entertainment system and other appliances as well as the ability to unlock doors at home.

So, will the Xiaomi Mi Band put the Chinese phone-maker in the limelight with its revolutionary wearable device? Let's wait and see.

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