Xenna Kristian: 18-Year-Old British Student Bullied and Attacked for Resemblance to Taylor Swift [PHOTOS]


British student Xenna Kristian works as an impersonator of Taylor Swift and classmates has been bullying her because of the resemblance. A classmate of the 18-year-old look-alike of the famous singer even went as far as attacking Xenna leaving her badly injured.

According to Xenna Kristian, she earns money whenever she impersonates Taylor Swift at charitable functions and private parties. She has signed on a contract as well with a talent agency that books the look-alikes of celebrities.

"Some girls at college had started making nasty comments and it escalated really quickly," Xenna stated.  When the Taylor Swift-Harry Styles romance came to an end, Xenna Kristian revealed that people on the streets, like One Direction fans, would mistake her for the real Taylor Swift and put the blame on her for the breakup.

Things have not been really that easy with Xenna because remembers how the other students and teachers give her a hard time every time she needs to take a time off for her guest appearances. Xena revealed: "It was bad enough before, with comments in the streets and things, but when it went official and I started it as a career, it just got worse with certain people with looks and comments."

Xenna recounted the attack that happened at Walford and North Shropshire College in Shropshire, England where she was just sitting by the student area talking on the phone. "It just came as a complete shock. All of a sudden the girl came up from behind me and dragged me off my chair by my hair, pulled me backwards off my chair onto the floor and started kicking me in the face," the victim revealed.

Though Xenna attempted to free herself from the upset assailant, her friends had to give a hand. "Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I still feel shaken up," Xenna said in disbelief.

The Taylor Swift look-alike is praying for a quick recovery so she can resume the impersonator career. "I've had to cancel three appearances just from this week and I won't be able to do any more until the bruising goes," Xenna stated.

The teenager further added: "I never expected anything like this to happen. It's not nice to see people being nasty about you. Since I started being a lookalike people has been saying stuff. They must be jealous that I'm going off to do something with my life."

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