Xcode 6 Simulator Confirms Large Screen iPhone 6 Release and iPad Tablet

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A woman holds her new Apple iPhone 5S after buying it at an Apple Store at Tokyo's Ginza shopping district
A woman holds her new Apple iPhone 5S after buying it at an Apple Store at Tokyo's Ginza shopping district September 20, 2013. REUTERS/Toru Hanai

Apple appears to be working more intently on delivering an operating system platform more amiable to developers. During the Worldwide Developers Conference last week, the company has hinted about its ongoing work about giving developers the chance to create apps suited for multiple screen sizes more conveniently. Likewise, the company has also hinted about development of flexible and dynamic interfaces more accessible and easier to manage for app coders. 

According to a report by 9to5Mac, the Xcode 6 comes with a new iOS simulator that can allow developers to change the size of their simulated screens. The simulator can switch to any arbitrary resolution letting developers check if their apps or interface suit the screen or display. While the feature still remains in beta and appears to be temporary, it does hint what developers might be working on regarding the iPhone 6 and eventually the iPad series. 

The iOS simulator also provides screen options not available presently. This means developers can try resolutions for 4.7 and 5.5-inch screens - which are the reported screen sizes for the next iPhone 6. Previously, 9toMac reported about Apple's plans to keep the resolution to 1704 x 960 to ensure the transition of the operating system to varying sizes. 

According to Slash Gear, the upcoming screen sizes of iPhone 6 have been a concern among developers. Existing apps may have to be tweaked to match the sizes and new titles may need to be redesigned to make sure they register just fine. 

Fortunately, during the conference, Apple did mention about a "one storyboard to rule them all." This pertains to a single app UI designer that can be used to match varying screen orientations, sizes and resolutions. Given a single original layout, the designer can assign corresponding criteria to make sure the program suits all kinds of device. For instance, the iPad and iPhone can feature a similar menu system but iPhone's take will be placed higher than the iPad. 

Apple will reportedly release the iPhone 6 and new iPad series around September. 

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