Xbox One vs. PS4: Scandals Break Out as Fans Take Console Wars Too Far with Reactions and Sony’s Overworked Interns

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For the most part, both Sony's and Microsoft's upcoming next-gen consoles PS4 and Xbox One have been reporting various improvements and additions to their consoles. But as the week caps off, new information has revealed that there may be a dark side to this console war.

It's a known fact that the rivalry between fanboys of both sides sometimes goes too far. There have been jokes about the Xbox One being the Xbone or that the PS4 has nothing more to offer than indie games.

But PS4 fans (and perhaps those who just don't like the Xbox One in general) seemed to have pushed the joke too far, to the point that even a retailer who seemed to have innocently chosen one over the other console has received unbelievable flak. managed to secure a screenshot of the video's viewer activity, and revealed that, prior to it being removed, there were 8,545 views, with 703 down votes and 120 likes. But aside from these, the main concern and reason for taking down the video had been the racist remarks and very immature comments. reports that a recent video posted by Toys 'R' Us, which listed down the fabulous 15 items to watch out for the holidays. And given the holiday release of the next-gen consoles, Toys 'R' Us chose to list down the Xbox One as part of the items list--and left out the PS4.

Of course, these lists are just made for fun, and though people can never understand why Toys 'R' Us opted to choose one over the other, one should remember that freedom to do as such without getting too bad a brunt for it.

Sadly, there are a lot of people who didn't find the choice amusing, and before long, the video had to be pulled out. According to, one possible reason why the Xbox One was chosen may be due to its hyped entertainment aspect that makes it a more well-rounded device for the entire family, and one suited as a choice for a retail store like Toys 'R' Us.

It may have been a rather bad publicity for Toys 'R' Us, but the blame lies more on the very negative reaction and delivery of fanboys and fans everywhere. Perhaps it's time to reflect on just how far fans are willing to take bashing the competition.

The untold story of PS4's interns

Since the console wars began, Sony has taken the reputation of being the good guy in the fight--no strict policies, great and diversified games, and a very open mind for gamers--while the Xbox One has been a monster who keeps switching sides and points of view.

But now, new leaked information has suggested that Sony may have been hiding its dark side after all. The Verge reports that Foxconn may have used 1,000 unpaid interns and subjected them to overtime work in order to meet the demands of the PS4 for the upcoming launch.

According to the story, the interns had no choice but to comply, given how Foxconn had held the threat of withholding six internship course credits for those who are attending Xi'an Institute of Technology.

Worse, instead of being exposed to tasks that are relevant in their field, they became part of the assembly line packaging PS4 accessories, with shifts running past decent overtime, while the students always had the fear of not being able to graduate school hovering over their heads.

Extreme Tech adds that Foxconn have already given their statement and said that the students had been volunteers who were given the choice to leave when they wished.  But the evidence found in the investigation showed that the school may have also have a hand in the affair as it reported backed up the internship program claiming that it was a legal way to learn more about how life works.

Sony may not have been directly involved, but with the PS4's inclusion in the supposed overworked-never-paid interns, just how can this affect the PS4's image from now on?

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