Xbox One vs. PS4: New Features Reveal 1.51 Software Update, DTS-HD Master Audio|7.1 Decoder, Available Gestures and Hard Drive

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A new feature of the PS4 has been detailed, and apparently, it's one of those rare features as the PS4 is the first device to have been spotted sporting it.

Audiophiles may be happy to know that the PS4 features the DTS-HD Master Audio|7.1 decoder, as recently announced by the DTS executive VP himself.

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Reported by DualShockers, it seems that the DTS-HD Master Audio|7.1 Decoder allows 7.1 audio data delivery at 512 kb per second. Basically, this means that streamed audio content will not have any losses and will have the same quality as those seen in Blu-ray discs. Of course, this is on the premise that the PS4 user will have stable and a high-bandwidth Internet connection.

"By featuring DTS' new DTS-HD Master Audio|7.1 technology, PS4 owners will be able to enjoy the same high-definition 7.1 surround sound experience received on Blu-ray from streaming and VOD services," stated Brian Towne, DTS Executive VP and COO in a press release.

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Full List of Xbox One Kinect Detailed

When using the Xbox One Kinect, you need to execute a specific set of commands in order for the device to actually know what you are trying to say.

CVG has spotted a guide for voice commands from other reports, which list the specific phrases that you need to use. Some of the commands and their corresponding executions are as follows:

Xbox on: Wakes up Xbox One, turns on TV and top-box

Xbox: Shows you the menu of all the voice commands options

Stop listening: This cancels all voice commands and stops the Kinect from listening

Xbox Snap: Launches the Snap app mode

Xbox record that: Xbox One will record the previous 30 seconds of gameplay

Xbox send a message: This command sends a message to your Xbox Live friends

Xbox watch TV: This will launch the cable or satellite TV

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PS4 1.51 Firmware Now Out

Stability issues are just a few of the refinements that the newest firmware, the PS4 1.51, will deal with once users download the software.

While this is just a minor update compared to its previous one, there are other refinements to the system that will be added once users have the update, reports PlayStation Blog.

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PS4 owners in North America should have seen automatic downloads happening to their system as well as game updates once the PS4 is in standby mode. Hopefully, a new patch that will deal with some of the more major problems of the PS4 will be released.

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Xbox One and Hard Drive Storage in the Cloud

Cloud storage is really pushing forward with the Xbox One, and the console apparently knows what to do so that it can manage storage space for you.

In a report from VG 24/7, it was revealed that saved games and other data that are saved in the cloud will not be bound by space restrictions, while those saved locally in the Xbox One console can easily be installed, uninstalled or reinstalled.

"Saved games and settings information is retrieved from the cloud for any game as its (sic) being reinstalled," said Microsoft in an interview quoted by VG 24/7. "By being smart about how storage is managed, Xbox One keeps everyone playing, watching, and sharing their entertainment content rather than worry about limitations. You can also see how much storage any app uses by pressing the menu button on that app," the company added.

This may be better news compared to what has been found by Geek, which reported that users cannot see the available hard drive space of their Xbox One. While they can see the amount of space that the software takes up, thus giving users an estimate of how much they have left, it can become inconvenient when they need an immediate number to see how much they may still need.

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