Xbox One vs PS4: Microsoft Stores offer $100 Xbox One Discount For a PS3 Trade-in

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For those who have been thinking of upgrading their old consoles to Xbox One, Microsoft has just introduced an offer to sweeten the deal. There is currently only one advantage that the PS4 has over the Xbox One that Microsoft can only adjust and that is price difference. Microsoft could cut off the price of the Xbox One by $100 and compete with the PS4 at $399 but then if the company does it, it would make a huge loss on every sold console. However, Microsoft comes up with a unique way to offer its customers an Xbox One for only $399.

Microsoft stores will offer customers $100 worth of store credit if the customer trades in an Xbox 360 S, Xbox 360 E or PS3 from now until Mar. 2. There is a couple of terms and conditions to get the $100 store credit such as the console must still be in full working condition and have all original accessories including its power supply. The customer will be guaranteed to receive the $100 store credit for the old machine only if he agrees to purchase an Xbox One at the same time as well.

The customer must also consider whether it is actually worth investing in an Xbox One at the moment. Recent rumours suggest that the players are going to see a couple of Xbox One bundles hitting the market before the end of the year such as a hard drive upgrade to 1 TB, a white variant and even possible, a price cut to $399 but with several features removed.

There are still no details on which PS3 models are eligible so it is assumed that any PS3 will be accepted as long as it is working. The big question however is, is it good value for your money? If the Xbox One was not compatible with the Xbox 360, then trading the old Xbox 360 would definitely make a lot of sense in this scenario. However, it is compatible and holding to to the Xbox 360 or PS3 as well as the library of games the customer already has is probably preferable than the $100 store credit.

The offer is only suitable for people who have decided to sell all of their current generation games and just want a decent price for an old model console. If that is you, then head down to the nearest Microsoft Store before Mar. 2 and take advantage of this promotion.

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