Xbox One Update May Have External Support, Surprise Coming at E3 2014 and 'Titanfall' Season Pass Coming

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One of the Xbox One and the PS4's criticisms is that both next-gen consoles have an issue with their memory drives. The lack of external hard drive support had made it almost impossible to be assured of enjoying games at a player's disposal without worrying about memory.

But Microsoft may be brewing a solution for the Xbox One, and it may come in the form of future system updates.

CVG reports that Microsoft has been listening to the feedback of Xbox One players and have set to work with one of the features that have been raised up time and again.

"We know external hard drive storage is another big one on your list, it's on our list too," said Marc Whitten, Xbox chief product officer, in a statement quoted by CVG. "We're working on that for a future update and will keep you posted."

Apart from this, future updates may bring in better notification system for the friends list—they are already hard at work at finding the best way for the improvement to take shape.

What is sure about the Xbox One is that regular updates will be coming in, though they may vary in sizes. The upcoming Xbox One March update, for instance, is looking at big improvements, including party chat tweaks and the update to the Twitch app in time for the release of "Titanfall."

E3 2014 Worth Waiting for with Microsoft?

The E3 2013 last year had showcased the Xbox One and the PS4 in their pre-launch glory and the fight had ensued, and somehow, the Xbox One had the losing end of that first round.

For this year, Microsoft may be gearing up its console with a "biggest surprise ever," according to DualShockers. The source has spotted a NeoGAF user's leak following a radio ad during the "Titanfall" launch party in Michigan. The leak supposedly announced that there will be free food, drinks and $2,000 worth of prizes for the first 50 people who line up for "Titanfall." But the biggest kicker is that, the winner who will be getting a ticket to the E3 2014 will get to see the big surprise that Microsoft has in store.

That alone is interesting because the hype of a "biggest surprise ever" should be substantiated with either an announcement of an intense line-up of games or a new technology coming in or complementing the Xbox One.

Some of the confirmed games coming for E3 2014 for the Xbox One include "Halo" for Xbox One. According to Videogamer, more news will be coming in about the title at E3 2014, at least according to Microsoft's Phil Spencer over at Twitter:

Apart from this, Microsoft may be planning more, which could be a way for it to redeem the Xbox One from last year's disaster.

'Titanfall' Season Pass Detailed

Even the multiplayer-first game "Titanfall," an Xbox exclusive is getting a season pass for its DLCs, and it will include a mix of paid expansions and free updates.

"Titanfall" players can access the pass for $24.99, which will then give them three map packs, as Respawn Entertainment recently announced in its Web site. Players can save $5 upon purchasing the pack, granted that they want to get all the paid add-ons.

However, before buying the season pass, players have to make sure that they have both the "Titanfall" copy for their choice of Xbox One, and Xbox 360 and an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

For PC gamers, there is a "Titanfall" Digital Deluxe offer, which already includes the "Titanfall" game for PC and the season pass, all for $79.99.

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