Xbox One Upcoming Updates Detailed, New Game from Japanese Dev Teased

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A number of improvements will be making its way on the Xbox One, and these include a new "Rent Once, Play Anywhere" feature for video, new SmartGlass features and an updated previewing system.

"Since the launch of Xbox One, it's been our mission to keep improving—the games, the entertainment, the all-in-one experience. That's why we're bringing some updates to you this month across Xbox Video and Xbox SmartGlass, and it's why we're also exploring exciting new features to bring TV elements to more global markets and a new option for using OneGuide on multiple devices," said Microsoft in a statement over at Xbox Newswire.

The Xbox Video new feature allows users to rent or buy a movie via the Xbox Video and watch on a variety of Microsoft devices, including the Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, Xbox One or Xbox 360.

As for the SmartGlass feature, usrs can now choose from a range of options on the way they experience the Xbox One navigation system. There's the controller, the Kinect, the new media remote or even the Xbox SmartGlass via the tablet or phone.

SmartGlass now allows users to navigate game options, view and add recent players, sort Friends online, view the Activity Feed, launch an app in Snap and receive Xbox Live messages while on their mobile.

Lastly, there's also the OneGuide update, which allows better TV watching experience where users can see TV listings in OneGuide, even for those in Europe or Canada. There's also more control over the Xbox One, as there will be new recordings and content from the DVR. The Kinect voice commands also allow Xbox One users to control the set top-box and other AV equipment.

For now, the mentioned features are out for select Xbox Live members as a testing period, before they are released officially later this year.

'Shinasutimikira' Will be an Xbox One Game from a Japanese Developer

The Xbox One has also been reported to have some titles coming from Japanese developers. But before, there have been no reports as to what these titles were.

Now, a title has been spotted, dubbed as the "Shinasutimikira Project." According to VG 24/7, the title has been spotted from Japanese developer 5pb, which is connected somehow to MAGES, the developer behind the "Phantom Breaker" series.

The only clue about the "Shinasutimikira Project" is the logo—a button-like log below the title, which features a skull that has two crossed shotguns below it (instead of the "Poison" sign that has two bones crossed below). There's also something scribbled below, one that looks either like "Div8" or "DioS."

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