Xbox One TV Shows: Competing with the PS4 in New Ways?

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While the Xbox One's main focus is games--especially now with Phil Spencer assuming his role as the head of Xbox--its media and entertainment aspect is still very much alive and kicking.

Humans: A new drama for the Xbox One

Microsoft also announced via the Xbox Newswire that the Xbox Entertainment Studios and Channel 4 have partnered to produce "Humans," an hour-long drama with eight episodes.

"Humans" not only questions personal relations, we loved how this sci-fi show toys with reality and our connection to technology," said Xbox Entertainment Studios President Nancy Tellem via Xbox Newswire. "This deal with Channel 4 and Kudos underscores Xbox Entertainment Studios' commitment to programming premium TV series with global partners and creating engaging interactive experiences."

"Humans" will just begin its casting this May, with production expected to start later this summer, so the show may debut sometime in 2015 at the very least.

Comedies on the Xbox One

Three of Hollywood's comedy stars right now, Michael Cera, Seth Green and Sarah Silverman, will be taking part in the Xbox-exclusive TV comedy shows, which will power up the entertainment segment of the consoles even more.

According to GameSpot, Green will have a stop-motion program with the same team behind Robot Chicken, while Cera and Silverman will have a sketch comedy show.

These two shows seem to be the first in the comedy genre for the Xbox One, with the other shows dabble on drama and sci-fi.

The PlayStation TV: Another round of the console wars?

At the debut alone of the Xbox One, Microsoft has already been touting entertainment aspects of the console, as its main aim has always been to go beyond gaming to become the centerpiece of the living room.

It's not news that Sony is also now tapping the media and entertainment side, with its PlayStation TV streaming, announced at the CES 2014 as the cloud-based service that can stream content beyond PlayStation platforms and into smart devices as well.

While this used to be just plans, similar to PlayStation Now, Sony has been delivering on the promise, starting with an original TV show called Powers, which will be available for PlayStation TV, according to CNet.

"It's about having a broad range of broadcast content to replicate the live TV experience," said Andrew House of SCE in an interview quoted by CNet. This time, Powers is a fantasy drama and detective series rolled in one.

Despite this, it seems that Tellem is not worried about Sony's plans for the PS4's own media services, reports Gamingbolt. The Xbox Entertainment boss reveals that this is due mainly to the fact that the Xbox One has already been focused on entertainment way before the PS4 was, and the dedication can spell the difference between the two rivals.

"Microsoft's dedicated a whole studio to support this kind of content development. Original content is something that everyone's toying with right now. It's very unclear how committed they are to that on PlayStation."

Still, the rivalry is far from over. Just as the Xbox One has managed to bounce back and become a thriving platform for indie games, there's still a good chance the PS4 may do a sweeping win with media at the last minute.

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