Xbox One TV Originals Unveiled: Halo TV Series, Atari: Game Over, Deadlands and More

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Now that there is a slight stall in the gaming rollouts following the success of Titanfall, and with E3 being the next targeted gaming event, Microsoft has a plan to ensure that news on content is still coming for the Xbox One.

In a blog post via, the company has stated the entire list of Xbox TV originals that owners of the Xbox One and Xbox 360 can expect.

"We are developing premium, original content for the Xbox community which is an audience we are incredibly respectful of," said Nancy Tellum, Xbox Entertainment Studios boss via Xbox Wire. "We believe Xbox Originals should embrace the way our fans think about traditional TV."

The projects lineup has been divided into two, which are the committed projects and those that are still in development. Looking at the list, Xbox One and Xbox 360 players can expect quality content coming.

Halo TV series and digital feature

Being a Microsoft franchise, the company is doing two features for Halo. The TV series is helmed by Steven Spielberg as executive producer with 343 Industries and Amblin Television also in on the project. The digital feature is also a project by 343 Industries but this time in partnership with Scott Free Productions, as Ridley Scott takes the executive producer seat for the project.

Every Street United

This unscripted series has eight episodes, each running for 30 minutes each plus a one-hour long finale. Every Street United is concerned with the search for the most gifted and undiscovered talents in soccer spanning eight countries including the U.S. England, Brazil, and South Korea. The episodes for this show will also be available for the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

Signal to Noise

A six-part documentary that takes off with Atari: Game Over, Signal to Noise is the documentary that will showcase the recently held excavation of the landfill for the E.T. videogames that have been disposed of.


Those who keep watch for the annual Bonnaroo festival and live concert will be happy to know that Xbox Live will offer the event via an app, so you can join in June 13 to 15 via your console.

It promises a virtual experience of the festival with interactive features like joining conversations with others who are using the Bonnaroo app.


A drama produced with UK's Channel 4, the planned premiere of the show is planned in 2015. The show is basically an adaptation of a Swedish show titled "Real Humans." The show will look into the life of families who have to live with a robotic servant, which has become a trend in the future setting.

Still in development

Besides the features above, there are also a number of projects still slated or untitled for the Xbox One. There's Deadlands, which is all about an alternative history of the Weird West, the stop-motion show Extraordinary Believers, an unscripted show called Fearless, and a thriller show featuring a detective and titled Gun Machine.

Winterworld, a live-action series based on Chuck Dixon and Jorge Zaffino's graphic novel of the same title, is also in development with Xbox Entertainment Studios and IDW Entertainment. Finally, the comedy show based on JASH is also in development, with Sarah Silverman being in the pilot episode of the show. Filming starts this June.

Maintaining its position even with competition

It seems that this is one of the media advantages of the Xbox One over rivals like the PS4 and Amazon Fire TV. GameSpot previously reported that the Tellum had stated that they are not threated by the PS4's original TV programming because of an "unclear commitment" of the brand.

Compared to the Xbox One, which has its own studio developing content like this, and the fact that the media and entertainment angle has been announced since E3 2013, the Microsoft execs remain confident of their own offers.

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