Xbox One 'Titanfall' Console Bundle and More Games Coming, While Console Price Cuts Not Happening Outside the UK

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For those who haven't gotten their Xbox One consoles yet, here's some good news. Another official Xbox One bundle is coming, this time putting "Titanfall" as the bundled game with the console.

It does pay sometimes to wait it out for the good things to come, but this doesn't sound as good for those who went through lengths to be the first to get their hands on the Xbox One way back in November.

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VG 24/7 reports that the then-rumoured Xbox One bundle has already been confirmed by Microsoft. In fact, there is already a release date pegged, which is on March 11 for the release in North America.

Microsoft has also released a statement wherein the price of the "Titanfall" Xbox One bundle has been tagged at $499.99. The Xbox One "Titanfall" bundle will hit the UK first alongside the price cut on Feb 28 with a download code provided until supplies last.

The bundle includes the Xbox One console and a wireless controller in standard black colour, a month's worth of Xbox Live Gold, the Xbox One headset and a "Titanfall" download code.

"If you've been waiting for the biggest game of the generation before purchasing your Xbox One, this special, limited time offer is perfect for you," said Yusuf Mehdi, chief marketing and strategy officer at Microsoft, in a press statement.

This bodes well perhaps to boost the sales of the Xbox One, but in terms of giving very loyal fans the cream of the crop offers, it surely feels like a rip-off for those who had to pay pretty much the same price for just the standard Xbox One console.

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UK Price Cut Limited to the Territory?

Speaking of the price cut, which is coming on Feb 28 and will become permanent despite the limited availability of the "Titanfall" tag-along freebie, it seems that despite the price cut, the PS4 is still on a cheaper scale by £50, according to Metro.

The report suggests one interesting factor---that being the UK as the Xbox 360's biggest market and has now potentially shifted to a PS4 patronage. This is why one of the speculations for the price cut in the UK is to keep its customers interested in Microsoft's next-gen console. Harvey Eagle, the UK marketing director, has given his comments regarding the matter.

"We look at it and ask, 'How can we offer the best value in this country?' I'm responsible for the UK so I look at the UK and say, 'How do we get the best value into the market for our fans?' And we just feel now is the right time to make the adjustment on the price point," said Mr Eagle in an interview with Metro. "With Titanfall coming, it just seems like the perfect time to do that."

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Despite this, however, Mr Eagle believes that the price cut is no way an admission that the PS4 is doing better than the Xbox One in the UK nor does it dampen the belief that the Xbox One is the most successful launch in the UK to date for Microsoft's console.

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