Xbox One Rumours “Desperate” Emailed Ad; Halo 2 Coming to Xbox One in Q4 2014; More Update Rumours

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Microsoft had just survived through the XB1M13 ordeal, and now, another ad gig has been spotted for the Xbox One, albeit more desperate than the former.

A new email offer has been circulating about the Xbox One. Worlds Factory has gotten hold of the email, which invites gamers to "ditch your PS3" so you can get $100 store credit towards buying an Xbox One.

The very idea alone rings of a tinge of desperation-like saying that the extra $100 that stands between the pricing of the Xbox One and PS4 will be eliminated when you exchange your old PS3 and add in a $300 that you would normally buy with the PS4.

The report adds that a similar offer is already available at GameStop for trading in the PS3, but when it comes directly from Microsoft, it gives off a worse vibe-like it has to go to that extent to catch up with the PS4.

What do you think of Microsoft's new strategy for the Xbox One?

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Xbox One to get Halo 2 in 2014?

The fan base of the Halo franchise is a vast one, which is why it's not surprising that Microsoft will try to bring it over to the Xbox One.

Now a supposedly trusted insider from iGameResponsibly has revealed that the Halo 2 Anniversary Edition may be dropping for the Xbox One as early as winter, specifically November 11.

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In addition to this, there's also a reference to Halo 5, and how it may be coming to the Xbox One, though pegged for a 2015 release date. But the interesting part is that the beta access to Halo 5 may come as early as November this year.

More rumours including a white console and March update

Speaking of all of these speculations for the Xbox One, a couple more have surfaced. CNet has compiled a list of these rumours, the most rampant being the March update that the console may get.

The report based it on the various online discussions as well as insider information, with the specific update pointing to changes in the Xbox One dashboard.

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In another area of rumours, there are also references to a possible white version of the Xbox One. Looking back, the white Xbox One console is said to be a limited edition for the development team of the Xbox One.

But whether it's the demand for the white Xbox One or just a possible option for those who haven't bought theirs yet, the report states that this new version may hit stores in October.

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