Xbox One Resolution Gate Over with 1,080p on 'Wolfenstein: The New Order,' Update Improvements and New Flak on Price Cut

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The whole resolution gate issue between the Xbox One and the PS4 has been about the PS4 always being about the Xbox One because of the latter's inability to go beyond the 720p resolution.

But now, this may be at the end, at least for "Wolfenstein: The Order." Developer Bethesda has also assured fans that "Wolfenstein: The New Order" will be the same for the two consoles, running at 1,080p and 60 FPS, reports IGN.

Though this is a bit of good news for Xbox One fans, it does make gamers wonder what the difference may be between "Wolfenstein: The Order" and the previous games that boasted the PS4-Xbox One resolution gate. So why is "Wolfenstein: The Order" able to deliver the high resolution for the Xbox One?

This makes "Wolfenstein: The Order" a title to watch out for, especially with the 15- to 20-hour playthrough and strong narrative that Only SP has reported it will have. "Wolfenstein: The Order" is set to release on May 20.

March Firmware Beta Update Already Out

The wait for the March firmware update for the Xbox One is already out, though technically, it's the beta version. And in addition, only a handful of Xbox One users can access the new update.

Admittedly, this March update is a pretty good one, as it brings a number of improvements and additional features that will supposedly make the Xbox One ready once its biggest game to date, "Titanfall," gets released.

Gamepur has the changelog, but this is still unofficial, and one that has been spotted via a Reddit user. The March firmware beta update includes the following:

- Update for controller available through USB

- Option to show other notifications under "Notifications"

- Faster operations and execution of commands

- A "Turn hand cursor off while watching video" command for Kinect

- Tutorials for gestures and voice commands, which can be found in the settings menu

- Improved Friends App that now lets you see online friends, recent players, and a Favorites option, with the added advantage of fast loading time

- Xbox Broadcast works in opening Twitch, though the broadcasting feature is not yet available

- The "Bitstream Out" option that supposedly allows an option between DTS Digital Surround and Dolby Digital.

Gearnuke also features a number of screenshots of the update, which gamers can check out at the link.

Price Cut Not Received Well by Early Adopters, Xbox One Speaks

It has not yet even been half a year into the lifespan of the Xbox One and already, a price cut has been seen in the UK as well as the inclusion of a limited free copy of "Titanfall."

Of course, it's understandable that people who have bought their Xbox One consoles early on would feel a wee bit pissed at the fact that the price cut is happening this early on in the game. What's more, those in the UK territory may feel twice the annoyance, since they also missed the price cut offer.

Harvey Eagle, Xbox UK marketing director spoke with OXM regarding these issues and gave the official statement meant for those who may be feeling less than amiable about the deal.

"We're hugely appreciative of people that have supported us since launch. What I would say is that mainly the consoles that were bought in the run-up to launch did come with a game included, and this offer is timed to celebrate the launch of Titanfall. Unfortunately, we can't offer a retroactive refund to people, but we thank them very much and we're hugely appreciative of them being on board since the beginning," said Mr Eagle to OXM.

An interesting point that was brought up was whether Microsoft can keep the price point intact considering that they will still be offering the Kinect with the "Titanfall" bundle and the price cut.

Mr Eagle did not respond with whether or not this will affect finance, but what he stressed on was the fact that they are only thinking about the best value for gamers.

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