Xbox One Reputation System: Gain a Good Reputation in Gaming Community

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In July 2013, it was a preview on what to anticipate with repute on Xbox One.

Gaming is a social activity done with others. This provides assistance to inform players about their manners and performance in the gaming community. It protects good players from playing with unruly ones and warn those who do not want to have a "bad reputation" to prevent it from happening if they really do not intend to.

Xbox One has current categories for each player reputation score: green, yellow and red. Green is where most users fall. Yellow is when a kind of work is needed to be done while red is the "Avoid Me" category.

The more hours consumed playing fairly without the opponent reporting you as abusive, the better the reputation gets. The logic is also to spot players who are constantly unruly across the Xbox Live community. If most gamers do not often receive negative feedbacks from others, they will be in the level of "Good Player" reputation.

Reputation Levels

  • Good players - majority of players are at this level and Xbox keeps its promise of planning to introduce rewards to players with good manners and looking toward more to share.
  • Warnings for "Needs Work" - a reputation warning will be issued for players whose reputations drop as a reason due to negative feedbacks in the community. This is to emphasize on players how they affect the community, therefore driving them to be more positive. The warnings were based on the accumulated feedback since the launching of Xbox One.
  • Penalties for "Avoid Me" - when players ignore warnings and heed the way to affect bad impact on others and the community, penalties will be imposed to them. For instance, having a rating "Avoid Me" means limited pairings for matchmaking and they may be prohibited to use some privileges like Twitch broadcasting.

Algorithms were designed not to penalize players for unfavorable reports during a few weeks play. Rather, the system adjusts for fake reports from those who might do it intentionally for someone who has better skill or some other grieving purposes.

Still, when the day ends, the objective is to have you matched with other players so you enjoy more, and experience a good gaming community. Check on the Xbox Live Policy and Enforcement for more information on the reputation system of Xbox One.

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