Xbox One News: Rumoured Cheaper Xbox One With No Kinect, Blu-ray Coming in 2014; Xbox Live Gold for February Revealed

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For as long as the console wars have been going on between the PS4 and Xbox One, there seems to be one area in which Sony's next-gen has been besting Microsoft's champion---its price incentive.

The $100 price tag difference continues to plague Microsoft, even going so far as to advertise the $100 credit that customers can get if they trade in a PS3 or Xbox 360 for an Xbox One.

Time and again, there have been rumours pointing to the possibility of a Kinect-less Xbox One. After all, a number still can't seem to the see the immense value of the Kinect, especially when the PS4 does not even market its PlayStation Eye Camera as a need to enhance games.

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According to Now Gamer, however, rumours of a Kinect-less and cheaper Xbox One have surfaced yet again, and this time pointing to a 2014 release. Quoting an anonymous source from another Web site, the report states that a new version will come out for the Xbox One before the year ends.

The whole idea of the Kinect being out of the package for a cheaper price has not yet been confirmed, though it seems that the possibility won't be lost, despite the chance that players may miss out on some of the gameplay additions. After all, some features of the Xbox One's Kinect have been seen as either a gimmick or a good enough addition that's not enough to be missed by gamers.

Another Rumour: Xbox One with No Blu-ray?

When the Xbox One first came out, there have been numerous reports of faulty Blu-ray drives plaguing customers who got their next-gen consoles from Microsoft. While there have already been fixes for this, a new claim reported by Metro has stated that a cheaper Xbox One may come without a Blu-ray drive.

Quoting a source from NeoGAF, the report states that aside from the white Xbox One previously reported as coming out for the public after its employees-only exclusivity, there is also the possibility of a $3,999 Xbox One that will not have an optical disc drive.

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This senior source is said to now face legal action from Microsoft for the leaks that have been circulating about Microsoft's next-gen console. VG 24/7 recaps a list of what has already been leaked by this source, which include the "Halo 2: Anniversary" for Xbox One, the white Xbox One with no Blu-ray drive, the "Titanfall" controllers and even the hi-res "Forza Horizon 2" for the Xbox One.

Even with Microsoft now taking the leaks to a more legal territory, the question for potential Xbox One buyers would be this: which supposed cheaper version of the Xbox One would be more palatable, the disc-less or Kinect-less one?

February Games for Xbox Live Gold Announced

Over at, the two games with Gold has already been announced for February, with "Dead Island" being the first of the two free games to become available from Feb 1 to 16. The other game is "Toy Solders: Cold War," debuting free from Feb 16 to 28.

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"Dead Island" is all about escaping from the island via combat and weapons with a game that features up to four players with co-op mode. The second game, "Toy Soldiers," is also a first-person combat game that revolves more around strategy. Players can conquer the toy box by themselves or with friends and enjoy the mini games and survival mode that also come with it.

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