Xbox One News: New Audio Controls in Update, Xbox Live Gold May Lineup and a New Halo TV Series Rumour

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The month of May will bring in more new features for the Xbox One and it's already rolling out for those who are part of the early access program.

"As part of our ongoing effort to bring new features to our Xbox fans worldwide, we'll begin rolling out more features to folks in our early access program beginning this week, and we're looking forward to their feedback before shipping the system update to all Xbox One owners," said Major Nelson via his blog.

It's quite the fast rollout of updates following the recent one, but for this particular phase, the Xbox One will receive a new sound mixer for snapped apps, controls for chat volume when a player uses the Kinect, and also the option of improving speech recognition.

In detail, the sound mixer and volume controls are supposedly the features that have been getting feedback from Xbox One users. The new addition will be in the Settings section, where two new features will be used to control audio options.

The Sound mixer also allows you to control the volume levels of two apps when using Snap, so you can decide which one should be louder.

Opt-in for helping improve Speech Recognition is sort of a call from Xbox for its users to help in improving its algorithms and better response of the Xbox One console. To opt-in, you can check under Settings > Private & Online Safety > Customizing privacy and online safety, and set Share Voice Data to Allow.

This will give more voice samples into the algorithms for a more responsive unit for the Xbox One. Microsoft has already promised that all voice data will be used for product improvement, in case you are thinking of opting-in.

Xbox Live Games with Gold for May revealed

Apart from announcing the new incoming update and additional features, Major Nelson has also announced the two games that will be available for Games with Gold for May.

From now until May 15, Dust: An Elysian Tail will be available for free, while May 16 to 30 will see Saints Rows: The Third free for Xbox Live Gold members.

Halo TV series coming to Showtime first, Xbox One later?

Another potential update for the Halo TV series for Xbox One states a possible partnership between Xbox Studios and Showtime. According to Variety, Xbox Entertainment Studios is already in "deep" negotiations with Showtime in developing the TV series.

While the deal is still currently being worked out with Showtime, word about the development states that the episodes may first come to Showtime before it lands on the Xbox One.

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