Xbox One News: Digital Games and DLCs Region-Locked; 'Killer Instinct' New Free Character; PS4 Games Outsell Xbox One?

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Way back in August 2013, there have been several reports that cited Xbox One games not being region locked. This would supposedly allow gamers to purchase any game for Microsoft's next-gen console at any retailer and any country.

But now, it seems that a new, but quiet, move may have been done by the company that's causing some Xbox One users to encounter error with digital games.

Gamepur has spotted a new error, dubbed "0x87de07d1" which is said to be the result of region lock of Xbox One digital games. What this means is that the restriction may no longer let games bought abroad to work on the Xbox One.

The report comes from the Xbox forums, wherein gamers are citing games like "Forza 5" and "Dead Rising 3," which shows the error code even when the code had worked properly before the most recent attempt.

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"This is a digital copy of the game that has worked fine for several weeks. It is now acting as though I do not own the game," said one forum user, as quoted by Gamepur. The problem is also felt by those using a UK account for Xbox One. The game in question is also "Forza 5," and after 10 days of buying it, the game will not load and will only show the option to purchase the game again.

For Xbox One gamers, it seems that there is a high possibility of encountering the 0x87de07d1 error code on digital games because of region locking. Games bought on discs are still said to be region free, as far as the error code is concerned.

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PS4 Games Winning Over Xbox One?

Another area where the PS4 seems to be taking the better spot over the Xbox One is the games segment. It seems that the PS4 is seeing more traction with its games, as the ratings for the titles of Sony's next-gen console outsell those from Microsoft's corner.

A report from Now Gamer states that, in terms of sales of games on the next-gen consoles, the PS4 experienced an easy win, with three times as many games sold compared to the Xbox One.

One such game is "Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition," which Videogamer reports to have sold twice as many units on the PS4 compared to the Xbox One. As per the reports, it seems that the PS4 had managed to snag 69 per cent of the copies, while the Xbox One only had the remaining 31 per cent to call its own.

While there have been reports that the Xbox One version of the game is rated higher, the difference in the resolution---the PS4 is said to deliver at 1,080p, while the Xbox One can only manage 900p---may be one of the contributors as to why the PS4 seems to be winning over in terms of power.

'Killer Instinct' Gets a New Free-to-Play Character

The Xbox One exclusive game "Killer Instinct" has received another free-to-play character in the form of Orchid. This is the third character in the title that's being offered after the game had launched with Jago as the free-to-play offering.

According to CVG, the patch that allows for character rotation system, where players get a free-to-play character on a rotational basis, has already offered the likes of Sabrewulf and Thunder. And now, it has come to put secret agent Black Orchid on the table for free.

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For those who want access to more characters can choose any of the paid editions, like the Combo Breaker pack at $19.99 or the Ultra Edition at $39.99 for eight characters, accessory packs and the original arcade game.

Polygon adds that Microsoft has already announced that the Xbox One game will have another season of playable characters, to be announced this year, though details are yet to be given out.

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