Xbox One May Update Details and a Leak for Possible Future Update for External Drive Support

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For the month of May, the Xbox One is again receiving an update, which has started to roll out to individual gamers, Insider and Windows blogger Paul Thurrott has a the list of different additions and changes for what's to come and stay with Microsoft's next-gen console.

Quoting Xbox's Major Nelson on his latest Twitter update, "The latest Xbox One system update has started to roll out."

After the beta testing for willing Xbox One users, some of the features that will be coming in for the Xbox One May Update include a sound mixer for snapped apps, which will help the user control the volume via a slider. There's also the chat mixer, where you can adjust the volume of sounds when using the Kinect for chat.

The Xbox One May System Update also includes new settings for how you want to install future system updates, so you can either manually install future System Updates immediately once they are available or choose not to.

Lastly, the update also gives you a chance to help out in improving the speech recognition, as the Xbox One is taking in users who are willing to contribute to the speech data collection service. The data that will be obtained will be used only for research and development purposes, particularly in improving the algorithms that run the Kinect.

All of these improvements have been pretty much teased by Major Nelson way back at the start of the month of May, but you can see the screenshots of the some of the new developments and changes from Thurrot's web site as linked above.

Possible Clue to External Drive Support on the Xbox One?

The list of improvements coming in for the Xbox One May System Update still does not have any hints of a future external hard drive support for Microsoft's next-gen console. But a new leak from an anonymous Xbox developer has given hints that give hope to a nearer delivery of the feature.

CNet spotted a post on Reddit, which shows off an image pop-up on the Xbox One that says "external drive (is) ready." This is a big shout-out to the much-awaited and requested feature from fans.

Granted, the feature is already expected to arrive on the Xbox One--Microsoft has already promised that external hard drive support will be added as a feature. But the problem is no longer "if" but rather "when" the feature will arrive.

And the reason that the new leak has fueled speculation is that it may be a hint of a sooner rollout for the Xbox One.

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