Xbox One March Update Brings 50hz Option, Dolby Digital 5.1, More Titanfall Weapons and Features Detailed

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Most of the additions coming with the March firmware update for the Xbox One seem to be targeted towards making gamers' run with Titanfall an even better experience, plus a few fixes for those who are encountering issues with the entertainment aspect of the Xbox One.

With the beta for the firmware update released some time to select Xbox One gamers, one of the notable features is that it provides a fix for the juddering TV that comes with the 50hz and 60hz disparity when viewing TV.

CVG reports that the system update will feature the ability to manually choose the 50hz option to do away with the juddering TV symptom experienced by some Xbox One users.

According to the report, the update will fix the dropped frames resulting in the 50hz signals that are not correctly processed by Microsoft's next-gen console. Previously, users have resorted to switching between the 50hz and 60hz modes when watching TV and playing games, with the latter action becoming unbearable when stuck on the 50hz mode.

Hopefully, the March update will address this concern with a more fluid way to work around the disparity without too complicated a solution/

New feature coming this March: Dolby Digital 5.1

The March update for the Xbox One is a pretty neat one for sound enthusiasts, as the Dolby Digital 5.1 will be introduced by the firmware update. This will bring in surround signal via the optical audio cable for headsets used with the Xbox One.

However, VG 24/7 states that the only friends-related change in the update will be the update of the Xbox One party system in relation to the release of the Xbox-exclusive Titanfall. The friends notification online feature will come with a succeeding update.

With just around a week before the Titanfall release date, the March update has been promised to launch before Titanfall becomes available, so expect it sometime this week.

Titanfall gets more features detailed

Titanfall fans can expect more things to come once the game releases on March 11.

According to DualShockers, the weapons that have been showcased during the Titanfall beta are not yet the complete variations for the full game. In addition, the modes serve more than just different gameplays, but it will also be the basis for the way the XPs are distributed.

For those who are playing on both the Xbox One and Xbox 360, it may be better for you to play the game in the console you prefer at the get-go, seeing as how it has not yet been confirmed if the stats are transferable between consoles.

In addition to this, GameSpot reports that there may be a DLC season pass coming, which may include a pilot-only mode once Titanfall has been launched. The mechanics of the season pass is pretty straightforward and similar to how it has been with season passes, though given that Titanfall is a multiplayer game, there may be more significant add-on content coming.

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