Xbox One to Get New Controller Update and Plex Media App; New Password Bug Found

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If you have just updated your Xbox One controller with the most recent update last March, you may be in for another update.

Engadget has found the NeoGAF source, and according to the post, the new controller firmware update will help address controller disconnect issues.

"We have started to deploy the latest 1404 update (xb_rel_1404.140331-2200). Consoles that are in standby mode will be able to install the update starting at 7:30PM PDT on 4/2. Consoles that have not received the update in standby mode by 1:00AM PDT on 4/4 will be prompted to install the update when they connect to Xbox Live," said NeoGAF member Rvaisse.

Other fixes coming in with the new update include adjustments in the user interface, the audio for when the Dolby Digital is enabled, Blu-ray software issues, address for the Kinect that does not respond to "yes" or "no" commands after "Xbox, turn off" command, and reduction of Blu-ray drive seeking sounds after it becomes idle.

You can view the complete list of fixes in the link above.

Plex media app coming to the Xbox One

Microsoft is strengthening the media aspect of the Xbox One as it announced the arrival of the Plex app for the next-gen console.

The Next Web reports that this was announced during the BUILD 2014, with the news being confirmed over at the Plex forums, stating that the team already has ID@Xbox membership to develop and release Plex on the Xbox One.

With this, Plex may be the first app that will see development via the ID@Xbox, which used to solely be a platform for indie developers to release games onto the Xbox One platform.

Plex is basically an app that lets you organize movies, TV and music content, and photos so you can view them via your TV or other devices. So far, no release date for the Plex app has been announced.

Password bug found by a 5-year-old

Bugs are usually found by users or developers alike, but it just so happens that the Xbox One's latest bug, which involves the password, was found by a five-year-old.

According to PC Mag, Kristoffer Von Hassel found a way to bypass the security restriction on the Xbox One that his father had set for the Xbox Live account so that Kristoffer will not gain access while the dad was away. However, Kristoffer tried to tinker with the password, and when the second verification screen had appeared, he filled it out with just spaces, and he was authenticated into the account.

The report states that his father had learned about Kristoffer's access to the Xbox Live when he saw that his son was playing games that he didn't purchase before. When the father sent a taped demo of how Kristoffer bypassed restrictions and sent them to Microsoft, the five-year-old was rewarded the title of security researcher, as well as a number of gifts including four games, a year's worth of Xbox Live and $50.

"We're always listening to our customers and thank them for bringing issues to our attention. We take security seriously at Xbox and fixed the issues as soon as we learned about it," said Microsoft in a statement quoted by PC Mag.

At the very least, Xbox One users can rest assured that this kind of bypassing the password no longer exists, and you can safely go back to gaming as per usual.

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