Xbox One To Get GPU Improvements; Microsoft Still Focused on New IPs

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Between the Xbox One and PS4, Microsoft's next-gen console always seems to have lower console in terms of power and performanc. This has been highlighted by the supposedly less superior hardware and the continuing resolution wars for some games.

Currently, a circulating rumor is that Microsoft may be looking at an improved Xbox One. Specifically, one has been improved in terms of graphics performance. Since the power of the Xbox One has been dispersed to consider the Kinect, the report said a new patch can do away with restriction, and instead, allow gamers to make use of the 8 percent power from the reserved 10 percent for the Kinect, Forbes reported.

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The argument behind the possible patch was that there are some games that don't make use of the Kinect, so redistributing the power of the console may help boost its performance level. Surely, it may lose some of the gimmick voice commands, but in terms of keeping up with the PS4 in the delivery for games, improving performance is a better choice.

New IP Is Xbox One's Hope In the Console Wars?

Given the big news that came with Microsoft's acquisition of "Gears of War," other people wonder if this will affect IPs for the Xbox One.

The exclusivity of the future "Gears of War" games is pretty much sealed for Microsoft, now that Black Tusk Studios under Microsoft has been tasked to lead the development of the games.

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"The Gears of War franchise has a very strong, passionate and valued fan base on Xbox," said Microsoft's Phil Spencer to Trusted Reviews. "This franchise, and these fans, are part of the soul of Xbox. By acquiring this franchise, Microsoft Studios will continue to offer them more of their favourite games and entertainment experiences from the Gears of War universe," he added.

One good point to note for the more skeptical out there regarding the switching of hands of the franchise, Microsoft has also confirmed that it will work closely with epic games so that the shift will not lose the spirit of the game.

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This does not mean that Microsoft will only limit itself in terms of the kinds of IP that it will release for the Xbox One. DualShockers has quoted Spencer in the future of Black Tusk Studios, not just a "Gears of War" developer but also the kind of studio that would grow to churn out more IPs in the future.

"I think studios have to grow in stages. Grow too quickly can = fail. So we'll see. Talent is there," Spencer said via Twitter.

"BT is very talented and I have confidence they can become an industry leading studio."

For now, however, expect Black Tusk Studio to focus on the newly acquired "Gears of War," with bigger possibilities in the future.

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