Xbox One at Gamescom 2014: Details for 3 New Offered Bundles, Forza Horizon 2 and Rise of the Tomb Raider Emerge

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Playstation And Xbox Booths At The 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) In Los Angeles
IN PHOTO: People walk past the Playstation and Xbox booths at the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo, known as E3, in Los Angeles, California June 10, 2014. Reuters/Jonathan Alcorn

After so many rumours and sightings from listings, the white Xbox One is finally made official at Gamescom.

The white Xbox One is fee of a Kinect and comes bundled with "Sunset Overdrive." It will be coming by Oct. 28 at $399. Forbes lists down more bundles, an interesting of which is a bundle for "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare."

Even without the Kinect, this bundle is worth $499, but for good reason, as it comes with a 1T hard drive, which Microsoft boasts as the first of its kind. This Xbox One bundle will be available on Nov. 3.

For "FIFA 2015" fans, a £349.99 bundle is also coming out on Sept. 25, though it's not the 1TB bundle like "Advanced Warfare." It would be interesting to see if Microsoft will release a plain 1TB Xbox One in the future. More interesting is whether or not Sony will try to be on the same level and churn out its own 1TB PS4 in the future.

'Forza Horizon 2' Goes Social with New Features

Microsoft has been very generous with revealing the different cars debuting for "Forza Horizon 2," but instead of just revealing a few more drives at Gamescom, the Xbox exclusive's social features have been showcased and detailed.

"'Forza Horizon 2' has been built from the ground up to let you easily connect with your friends and fellow members of the gaming world's most passionate car community," said Microsoft over at the Xbox Wire.

To ensure that social becomes central to the experience, developer Turn 10 Studios and Playground Games have found more ways by which they can inject online connectivity.

Adding the fact that multiplayer jump is virtually seamless and a social Club will be available for up to 1,000 members who share your interests--"Forza Horizon 2" beefs up the game beyond racing.

'Rise of the Tomb Raider' Coming to Xbox One Only

In a surprise move, Square Enix has announced that the latest installment of the Lara Croft adventure game, "Rise of the Tomb Raider" will now be an Xbox One exclusive.

"We consider all of you to be the lifeblood of Tomb Raider and the work we do at Crystal. I'd like to give you some insight into this decision, and why we feel this is the very best thing for the Tomb Raider sequel we're creating at the studio," said developer Crystal Dynamics head of product development Darrell Gallagher in a statement quoted by OXM.

It seems that the developers have already sealed a partnership with Microsoft, though according to Gallagher, this does not mean that they are turning their backs on the PlayStation and PC platforms, as other franchises.

This didn't stop fans from expressing outright disappointment and even anger at the developers' move. DSO Gaming reports that fans have taken it to the official Tomb Raider Tumblr to voice out concerns.

"I love the games so much I bought TR on the PS3 AND the PC. I buy three comic book every month. I can't afford to drop £500 for an overpriced media center like the Xbox One. How dare you cut out loyal fans. You should be ashamed of yourselves," said illusiax.

Whether or not this is enough to Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix change their minds about the Xbox One exclusivity or find a way to pacify fans remains to be seen.

Xbox One at Gamescom 2014 (Credit: YouTube/xbox)

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