Xbox One Fix Not Necessarily Based on Xbox 360 Features, Halo 5’s Possible Cloud Power Discussed

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Additions for the Xbox One have been underway as Microsoft continues to add new features while listening to the feedback of the community. However, it seems that Microsoft also wants to remind its fans that, while they want to cater to the audience, there are also some limitations, depending on what can be done for the next-gen console.

"You have to remember the Xbox 360 is a very mature platform that has been around for almost 10 years. In that time, we added a TON of new features," said Major Nelson as quoted by Total Xbox. "Xbox One is a completely new architecture so we can't just take work that was done on Xbox 360 and plop [it] into the codebase of Xbox One. Things don't work that way."

Still, when it comes to the requested features, Microsoft has already confirmed that they will be adding the external hard drive support in the future.

Halo 5 hinted to have cloud power

Halo 5, one of the most anticipated games for Microsoft and one that has been expected by fans to debut on the Xbox One has now been hinted to make use of the Azure Cloud Microsoft's answer to cloud gaming.

This new information comes from a job ad that has been found by Gaming Bolt, which looks for someone qualified to be a Software Development Engineer with a specialization on working with the cloud.

The job listing states that the position is looking for someone who is able to work with web technologies and services, particularly because the next project seems to be a integrative one that makes use of a lot of platforms for a holistic user experience, and this includes the Xbox One and even mobile platforms.

And for Halo fans, yes, the job ad has mentioned that the Software Engineering Test position will be working with 343 Industries to create what should be a "new and innovative companion experiences for the Halo Universe."

There was no explicit mention of Halo 5 per se, but considering that Microsoft has had big plans for the franchise, it would be interesting to see how the integration of the Azure cloud, the Xbox One and other technologies into the franchise.

Teasers for Halo 5 to appear in Halo: Escalations?

Speaking of Halo 5, another teaser has been spotted, this time by VG 24/7. Reporting on the next issue of Halo: Escalation, it seems that there may be new information on Master Chief's activities for Halo 5.

While this may not necessarily reveal much on Halo 5, it does extend the Halo franchise, as the next issue will be exploring the reasons why Master Chief has left the UNSC Infinity.

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