Xbox One February Update Delayed, March Update Better; Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter Out March

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The awaited February update for the Xbox One has been delayed for a few days, but at least it's been assured that the finishing touches will still allow Xbox One users to download the update before the week ends.

However, the February update is no longer the main focus for some gamers, considering that Xbox one has also announced a new update coming in by March, and it's the update that's also meant to improve the multiplayer experience for Respawn's "Titanfall."

*Respawn has revealed the schedule for beta codes released for "Titanfall": Get the details here.

Kotaku reports that the updates come with the headphone support and will be adding quite a number of new features for the party chat. One of these is the default setting that turns on the party chat once players party up. Xbox One party chat users will also still be able to chat with people. And since it will be separated from people playing the game, players can chat with those online or those whom they are playing the game with.

The UI will also be changed, putting the friends list at the center of the Friends app homepage. The Social section will bring up the list of friends online whom players can easily send messages to.

The update will also adapt a few Xbox 360 functions to the Xbox One, such as the ability to Invite friends easily via the games' menu for multiplayer interaction. And those who regularly play with the same friends can take advantage of the Recent Players feature, which lists down the Xbox Live members whom they've recently played with.

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"Our March Xbox One system update will start rolling out in early March. We're excited to get these multiplayer and party improvements out in time for the March 11 launch of 'Titanfall'," said Marc Whitten, the Xbox corporate VP, in a statement quoted by IGN.

Obviously, the February and March updates each have their own functions, and it depends on what players are more likely to find more useful. For example, the addition of storage management and battery indicator for the February update is no doubt very useful as it saves players the trouble of having to second guess whether or not they're almost out of them.

But for those who are likely to get into the "Titanfall" multiplayer fever, the March update is no doubt something to look forward to.

Xbox One Stereo Headset Also Coming in March

As if to complete the whole experience for March, the Xbox One Stereo Headset was also announced for a March release date.

*Aside from "Uncharted 4," Naughty Dog is considering creating "The Last of Us 2," though this may not come in the immediate future: Read the details here.

Over at Major Nelson's blog, he gives a few more details on what to expect with the Xbox One Stereo Headset. For instance, gamers should look forward to a full-range audio experience at 20 Hz to 20 kHZ. The unit comes in a package which has the detachable Stereo Headset Adapter so users can control the audio when they need it.

The Xbox One Stereo Headset does not require other batteries, as it is powered by a wireless controller. For those who already have the headset, touted to be compatible with other devices like the PC, tables and mobile, Microsoft is also shipping the Xbox One headset adapter separately for $24.99.

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