Xbox One E3 2014 Exciting Lineup and ID@Xbox Conditions Unchanged

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Recently, it was reported that Sony is gearing up for a pretty good E3 2014 conference where gamers will be treated to a number of games of varying genres.

It's Microsoft's time to tease something related to the E3 2014 event, and according to reports, Microsoft's Phil Spencer, the new promoted head for Xbox, the event will introduce some of the best content that the next-gen console has had.

According to VG 24/7, the aim is to not only deliver great games to the public, it also aims to close the wide gap that the PS4 is currently enjoying compared to the Xbox One.

"We're early on in the console generation and obviously Sony's having a great launch," said Spencer in a statement quoted by VG 24/7. "Console gaming is doing incredibly well right now. Six months ago, everybody wondered if console gaming was dead... but this is a long, multi-year generation and my fundamental belief is that great games create the best platforms."

This seems to go very well alongside Spencer's plans for the Xbox One, as he has promised gamers that his main focus for Microsoft's next-gen console is all about games. That sounds promising, especially now that the focus has turned from the actual hardware consoles and towards the games that the platforms will be churning out.

ID@Xbox: Great idea, but the launch parity policy isn't

The Xbox One has gone a great deal from being the indie-unfriendly big player who doesn't seem to want anything to do with that segment of the market and developers, to one that has created its own program just to show its love for it.

After months of being available to indie developers, more than 250 indie studios have already latched onto the program and the Xbox One is expecting 25 indie games through the ID@Xbox.

Everything already seems fair and fun, but given how the launch parity clause is still in effect, it's serving as a damper that keeps the developers from fully enjoying their situation.

Edge-Online reports talks to Phil Harrison, VP of Microsoft Xbox on the matter, who shows his appreciation for the indie scene. "Taking aside competitive positioning and all of that, the winners in all of this are game players. There are more games coming out for these platforms, there are more developers creating for these platforms, there are more fresh minds coming into our industry than any time in recent memory."

Sadly, despite the warmer welcome from Microsoft when it comes to indie games, it the launch parity clause doesn't seem to be going anywhere. 

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