Xbox One Changes to OS Definite, Not Dated; Recorded 3M in 2013 Sales; Eidos Montreal to Create Xbox One, PS4 Game

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The Xbox One and all its features have become what they are today not only because of the decisions of its creators but also due to the power of the people involved.

Back in E3 2013, the world witnessed the power of the public's voice, as the backlash of the Xbox One led to the changing of policies, the postponement of digital-only gaming and even the slight changes that were done to Microsoft's next-gen console.

Until now, it seems that the Xbox One is continually evolving depending on the needs of those who play it. The most recent update is that the OS for the Xbox One has already experienced changes that will be rolled out as an update sometime in the future.

"When we look back and look at what we've done, we want to continue to adapt the system to what gamers want," said Xbox One's Larry Hryb to OXM. "The team that works on Xbox are gamers themselves. We want to build the system that we use and that we know gamers would enjoy using," he added.

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Since the Xbox One now features independent apps for easier tweaks and fixes in the OS, it now allows for easier ways to update a user's overall OS. OXM points out that there are still some problems left to be resolved, such as the Xbox One's Party Chat service and the inability to monitor the contents of the hard drive.

Mr Hryb also promised that there will be continued refinements and adjustments to the system until the Xbox One becomes the kind of gaming console that the fans want.

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A Race to 5 million? Xbox One Leads at 3 Million

The war of numbers between the PS4 and Xbox One had come to a quiet when 2014 came. The last that was known for the next-gen consoles is that the PS4 has already sold 2.1 million PS4 units globally a little before December. As for Microsoft's Xbox One, it hit 2 million when December came in for its 13 territories.

And after just 5 weeks of sales towards the end of 2013, it seems that the Xbox One was able to garner 1 million more sales, reports Forbes.

"It's been incredible to see Xbox One selling at a record-setting pace for Xbox, and we were honored to see Xbox One become the fastest-selling console in the U.S. during our launch month in November," said Yusuf Mehdi, corporate VP of marketing, strategy and business for Xbox, to Forbes.

For now, Sony is keeping quiet about how the PS4 orders have come in over the holidays. This may be because the demand for PS4 stocks is not yet being delivered to those who have filed their orders.

However, a previous report did say that those at Sony were expecting 5 million sales before 2014 hits March.

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THIEF Developer Doing Something for Xbox One, PS4

Thanks to updated LinkedIn profiles of developers, it was found that Eidos Montreal, responsible for "THIEF," which is coming this 2014, is also working on an action-adventure game that has yet to be announced for the PS4 and Xbox One.

Despite being unannounced until now, the project has been ongoing since November 2013, reports Videogamer. The game is tagged to be an AAA title, since the report states that it is a clearly different game from the new "Deus Ex" title that Eidos Montreal is already making.

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