Xbox One April Update Out and Detailed, and More DirectX 12 Speculations

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The Xbox One's latest system update has already begun rolling out after the preview experienced by select Xbox Live members.

Major Nelson has officially announced the roll-out over at the Xbox Newswire as well as detailed what Xbox One owners should expect.

The first would be updates in the game and app saves, bringing in a new progress bar that shows the status of game saves. The progress bar also shows which games and apps are currently being updated and which ones have been updated.

The anticipated Friends improvements are also coming in with the new Xbox One April system update. Notifications have now been added so users can see when favourites and friends sign in to Xbox Live. The friends list will also identify which of a player's friends are in multiplayer. These are two main features that are most requested by the Xbox One community.

There are also improvements for the Kinect voice and motion, specifically for gesture functionality, better GameDVR video quality, Blu-ray player supports for 50Hz video output, firmware updates for the controller and headset adapter (as previously rumoured) and silent reboot after the system updates.

The last feature pertains to the way the update will automatically occur and then return the console to standby mode once completed, if a user's Xbox One is on Instant On mode. There's also an option where users can take future updates when available without waiting for the console to accomplish it on its own.

DirectX 12 and Xbox One: Solution for Next-Gen Gaming?

There has been much talk about the DirectX 12 being the ultimate answer for the Xbox One to be at par with the PS4 in terms of graphical performance. And this time, a developer is arguing for the benefit of DirectX 12 for Microsoft's next-gen console.

"One way to look at the Xbox One with DirectX 11 is it has 8 cores but only 1 of them does dx work. With Dx12, all 8 do," said Brad Wardell, founder and CEO of Stardock, via Twitter as quoted by Videogamer.

This is one of the explanations by which the DirectX 12 is bound to make the Xbox One operate better and more efficiently for it to reach the level of resolution that the PS4 games are able to enjoy. In addition to better resolution, Wardell states that games can have more objects seen onscreen with the DirectX 12.

However, not all games will seem to require the DirectX 12 to power up games. One example is "Titanfall." Speaking with Hot Hardware, Jon Shirling, "Titanfall" developer, has revealed that the new API that Microsoft is planning to have is not necessary in improving "Titanfall's" performance.

According to the source, this may actually mean that the API's performance improvements are meant for other aspects of the Xbox One and not necessarily for the performance in games.

This means that the problem may still lie with the fact that the Xbox One gives due power for the mandatory Kinect instead of adding to the performance of the actual console.

Still, this shouldn't dissuade those who are hopeful the DirectX 12 will provide better performance for the Xbox One. Any kind of improvement would be welcome. Given that there are those who say that graphical performance can be taken from the DirectX 12, it's still something to be taken advantage of.

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