Xbox Live: Coveted '1 Million Gamerscore' Done And Dusted by 'Ray Cox'; A New Guinness World Record?

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For 8 years, there was nobody to hit the One Million Xbox Live Gamerscore. Today we have "The One." Ray "Stallion83" Cox IV is the man who achieved this feat.

Cox played games for Xbox 360, Xbox One, Windows and Windows Phone and has finally reached that coveted mark. He went by the gamer tag, "Stallion83" online, as reported by Neowin.

He played an assortment of games, including Battlefield 4, FIFA 14 and Lego Marvel Super Heroes, before reaching the 1 million mark by playing "Titanfall," specifically by destroying a Titan as a ground pilot with a rocket launcher to complete the "I like a Challenge" achievement.

Guinness World Record Holder

Cox is already a Guinness World Record Holder with his claim being the guy with the highest gamerscore on the planet. He achieved this record when he broke through the 700,000 score barrier 2 years ago. According to his Web site, the quest began in November 2005. It took him 2,312 days to reach 700,000 mark.

How Does the Xbox Gamerscore System Work?

It is a cumulative score of all the achievements you have earned by playing any or all of Xbox 360, Xbox One, Games for Windows and Windows Phone games.

Each game has different challenges and each worth a set number of points. Each game gets a maximum of 1,000 gamerscore to mete out to each gamer for the achievements they undertake. The more games you beat to absolute completion, the higher your gamerscore will be, according to Techcrunch.

How Does the Future Look Like For Cox?

Cox videostreamed the last few gamerscore achievements on the Xbox One via Twitch. He was quite emotional in the video feed after reaching the coveted score. According to Neowin, Cox said he wanted to tell his future grandchildren about how he got to the 1 million mark. He added he was not sure what he will do next. He did not feel he will try to reach the 2 million gamerscore mark.

Did any of you ever try to reach the coveted score?

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